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Short Story Contest 3 Gets Phenomenal Response!

Many thanks to our 30+ contest entrants for StarkLight’s third short story contest!

The contest still has a bit of time left in it, so don’t be shy- fire off your short stories, flash fiction, poetry and really anything creative,

not bogged down by copyright and even vaguely edited to our contest email:



There are ten more slots for StarkLight Vol. 3 available, so get in the game and win yourself a prestigious spot amongst today’s best


Winning contestants receive a print and video interview to be posted on StarkLight Press website and YouTube channel, a prize pack of

merchandise from our short story compendium as well as GAF memorabilia, 5 copies of StarkLight Vol. 3 and free posters and cards.


We’re not saying winning our contest could put an end to war, world hunger and economic hardship, but it’s a keen start 😉

Send in your entry today!


Tony Stark, Publisher and CEO.