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Extension Alert

Our StarkLight Press Steampunk Christmas Anthology submissions now has a deadline of Dec. 1!


steampunk christmas

Don’t waste this precious extension- get out your steam-powered fountain pens and send in your submission soon!

Entries can be submitted to

For this contest,

we are looking for stories with a wry, speculative, thought-provoking twist- and this time, with an added shot of Christmas, Solstice and any other winter holiday you think goes well with gears and petticoats.

Minimum word count is 250

Maximum word count is 10 000

Poems and other print media are welcomed.

Deadline is November 20, 2015

Please put your story in .doc, .odt, .pdf format and submit along with contact information to:

Share with your steampunk-minded friends today!

– Tony Stark,

Publisher and CEO,

StarkLight Press.
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