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Meet the Staff

Here are the folks that make the Magic Happen at StarkLight Press:

Tony Stark

Tony is Publisher and CEO of StarkLight Press, as well as being an author and artist. His signature style of classic science fiction panoramas grace the covers of most StarkLight Press volumes and many of our online venues. Our head programmer and web designer/development artist, Tony maintains all of StarkLight Press’ social media portals.  A founding member of the GAF Mainframe Universe, Mr. Stark enjoys developing new projects for it and StarkLight Press. The editor in chief and lead layout artist, Tony devotes much of his spare time to giving each of our unique titles its own look and atmosphere.

Virginia Carraway Stark


Virginia is the editor in chief of StarkLight Press, our PR guru and general dynamo. With her prolific output and vast creative scope, she is brimming with ideas and projects to keep StarkLight Press hopping. In addition to her work on our many anthologies and writing projects, Virignia also is a chief creative consultant for the GAF Mainframe universe.

Virginia’s stories have appeared in the notable Chicken Soup for the Soul franchise, as well as in international award winning works like Writerpunk Press’ Poe Goes Punk. She enjoys contributing to charity anthologies in her spare time and has helped raise funds for St. Jude’s, Paws for a Cause and The Alzheimer’s Society.

Her novel, Red Queen Takes Red Rook, won the 2016 BOFA award for Literary Valour. In addition, her works have won best novel, best short story for the Birds of a Feather Awards, as well as the Canadian Guild of Writers awards. She has been nominated for an Aurora Award in addition to these numerous accolades.


Jorge Stuart



This world-travelling Argentinian vintner and philanthropist is one of the founders of the GAF Mainframe universe. He has been a long-time business consultant for StarkLight Press. Jorge is instrumental in maintaining StarkLight’s international profile as well as searching out new authors and markets. He also writes for the GAF Mainframe as well as penning the occasional piece of riveting fiction.

Jorge is also on the board of directors for the Birds of a Feather Awards, an international set of awards offering hand-crafted, artisan trophies as well as bursaries to deserving artists, writers and purveyors of literature and the arts.

L.E. Caine



L.E, Caine is a staff writer for Starklight Press as well as an artist in her own right. She started off her career in writing as a ghost writer and later ventured into the world of science fiction and fantasy with the occasional horrendous horror story that she claims helps her to ‘vent murderous urges’.
She is a frequent contributor both here and to various wiccan, empath and magical bulletin boards.



Krista Michelle

Krista is the newest addition to the StarkLight Press team. She is an invaluable organizational aid and helps our editors in chief, line editors and story co-ordinators make sure that all of our talented writers and artists have everything they need, where and when they need it, to make some of Earth’s best fiction.

Krista has recently signed on as intern for the StarkLight Press staff, and is a high-energy part of the team!

Alfie Elkins

Alfie is the copy editor and layout editor for StarkLight Press. Currently a paramedic in London, England, Alfie uses his years of teaching experience in London schools to the advantage of StarkLight’s readers and authors.

He is currently copy editing all of our previous StarkLight Publications in order to make them even more awesome!