Outermost: A Journal of the Paranormal, is the first magazine venture from StarkLight Press.

This monthly magazine features both non fiction articles as well as fiction from today’s top authors in the realms of supernatural and speculative fiction.

Featuring a UFO report from MUFON, a Paranormal Q & A as well as archived files from the National Paranormal Society, Outermost will educate you about the historical and cultural connections of popular paranormal subjects, even as it sends chills down your spine.

E zines are available monthly from StarkLight Press (see our bookstore’s Outermost section). In addition, SLP offers a quarterly anthology of issues available in collectors’ print copies.

If you have an interaction with the paranormal you would like to submit to Outermost; a question for our Paranormal Q & A Answer Girl Leanne Caine; an article; supernatural poetry or fiction; photographs or art of a paranormal nature, send it to


You can find the home page for Outermost and latest issues here:


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