May 8, 2021

StarkLight Press

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Welcome to StarkLight Press

Welcome to StarkLight Press, Western Canada’s Premier Speculative Fiction Publisher!

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    1. Yes we are always ready to collaborate with new authors and editors 🙂 we have quarterly short story contests (new one in Feb) and if you’re interested, you can check out where there’s plenty more to read and a brand new writing prompt now!

      Beta testers and editors are always welcome, too! Take a look at our sister site and we can get collaborating!

  1. I love the new look of Starklight. it’s so bright and airy looking. Starklight did great things in 2015, and I can only see it doing even greater things in 2016. This is an inspiring site for writers. It has certainly inspired me to use my craft to the very best of my abilities, through Starklight anthologies, Outermost Magazine, and through the GAF universe novels.

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