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Created in 2005 by Tony Stark and Jorge Stuart, the GAF Universe is a vibrant and compelling science fiction universe. With an intergalactic scope, the GAF stories can speak in classical science fiction terms about the very real issues facing humanity today in a way that is entertaining, delighting and surprising to even the most jaded sci-fi afficionado.

The GAF Universe has always been a collaborative one, encouraging its fans to develop the Galaxy with short stories, fan fiction and crossovers involving their own fictional worlds. The GAF is always expanding, exploring its planets and solar systems with Verily Wrought and his ragtag Detach Detachment.

You can immerse yourself in some of the vast archives of the GAF Universe at GAF Mainframe

There you can find Encyclopaedia Galactica entries on everything from Donovan Aeronautics’ founder and galactic rascal, Howard Donovan, to the history of the mysterious and cutthroat Intelligence Universal Service- the NSA of the Galaxy. Learn about good hearted, stalwart billionaire Verily Wrought; his intrepid First Lieutenant Sasha Wheaton; the Jellymen and the Gendler alien races; fabulous and flashy President of the Universe Gabrielle; Prime Minister of the Galaxy Quetzal Ferguson and more!


– Tony Stark,

Publisher and CEO,

StarkLight Press.



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