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2015 is a year chock full of opportunities to share the amazing world of speculative and science fiction with the world.

StarkLight Press is moving forward on its mission to disseminate the best in creative literature and artistic offerings to a wider audience by attending a series of great events across western North America this year.  Here is a list, complete with links, of all of the venues where you can find StarkLight Press and its amazing books, merchandise and videos with the world.


June 4-7 Rocky Mountain Writers’ Retreat- A wonderful venue in Lake Louise hosts a retreat dedicated to the art of writing. A collection of authors from North America attend for a few days of conversation, imagination and, most of all, writing.

June 13 Poetry Marathon- a reknowned online event where authors write a poem every hour for 24 consecutive hours. Virginia Carraway Stark and Anthony Stark will be participating for the second year in a row! You can follow the poems online in real time on June 13, and order your copy of the completed anthology at the site as well.

August 14-16 When Words Collide- Calgary, Alberta’s premier convention of Canadian authors collects to share their work, participate in fascinating panels and celebrate the written word.

Our leading author, Virginia Carraway Stark, is hosting a panel called, It’s Not Your Grandmother’s Mystery, where panelists discuss the role of mystery in every genre. Anthony Stark will be appearing as a panelist, along with some of our StarkLight 3 Contributors! You can visit the panelist page here

August 19-23 World Con 73- Sasquan, in Spokane, WA. StarkLight Press is delighted to announce that we will be attending WorldCon Science Fiction extravaganza this year!

Check out our booth at the dealers’ floor, where we will be offering a selection of our works to one of North America’s largest science fiction convention attendees! Check out our merchandise in person, try on a Detach Detachment polo shirt or hat, grab an eco-friendly bag for your stack of StarkLight books and other goodies from Sasquan!

Check out our upcoming photo gallery of our offerings at Sasquan, as well as an exclusive sneak preview of our amazing, three-dimensional, technicolor booth!


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