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Wild, Wicked and Sparkling



Game Changers

This companion volume to Great Ladies features stories about men throughout history who have changed the world. Don’t look for strictly historical fiction in these tales, however- our authors’ imaginations’ add verve, inspiration and riveting storytelling to provide new and imaginative perspectives on history’s greatest men.

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game-changers-cover1                                                  game-changers-cover1


Hearts Asunder Volume 2

In this sequel to the wildly popular Valentine’s Day horror/romance anthology, StarkLight Press authors take another look at the romantic holiday and add a macabre twist.

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hearts-asunder-vol-2-graphic                                             hearts-asunder-vol-2-graphic



Soulstice- Lucie Guerre

This touching compilation of photos and poems recounts one woman’s journey through love, life and personal discovery.

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lucie-guerre-front-cover                                                      lucie-guerre-front-cover

From the Depths: A StarkLight Poetry Anthology

This anthology holds the poems from eleven different poets who completed the gruelling but fantastic 24 hour poetry marathon from StarkLight Press. Authors were challenged to make one poem an hour for an entire day… and here are their thought-provoking, touching and revealing poems.

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Blue Moon Season

A treasury of were-stories! From were-appliances to were-chickens, our StarkLight authors take you on a sometimes amusing, always chilling tour of transformation by the light of the silvery moon.

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blue moon season front cover

blue moon season front cover







Great Ladies: Women Who Changed History

This anthology is a fascinating blend of historical fiction, imaginative fancy and inspiration. Filled with stories of women throughout time who have changed the world, this anthology is the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

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StarkLight 4 is the completion of a cycle of StarkLight Anthologies. These remarkable books are loaded with fascinating, engrossing speculative fiction, sci-fi and fantasy. Featuring another installment in Jeren Nether’s Dragonworld series and twin stories of Modern Mythology by Virginia Carraway Stark and Tony Stark, this anthology is a book that will populate your inner landscape with vivid imagery and unshakeable characters.

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St. Patrick’s Day will never be the same again, now that our anthology is here!

Shamrocks, Saints and Standing Stones

A rollicking good read from amazing international authors! Stories based on prompts provide awesome fodder for this most Irish of holidays. Find out how gangsters in 1940s Las Vegas deal with a magic doorway; how an Irish boy in Boston gets a Leprechaun for a business partner; how Ley Lines first infest the world with dragons, and then get rid of them, all to Come On Eileen, and more!

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shamrocks ebook covershamrocks ebook cover

Hearts Asunder- A StarkLight Valentine’s Day Anthology

This terrifying collection of tales are riddled with love, horror and just a little bit of revenge. It is a dark twist on the Hallmark holiday!

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Holly and Ivy- A StarkLight Steampunk Anthology. This is StarkLight’s first official foray into the world of Steampunk! Featuring a tale from DragonKin author Jeren Nethers as well as the first excerpt of the adventures of Horus Haut de Nuit, this anthology has something to engage even people new to the genre. Authors include Crystal M M Burton, Ernest Samuel Llime, Virginia Carraway Stark, Jeren Nethers, Jason Pere, KT Wagner, Cassandra Schoeburn, Sharon Flood and Tony Stark.

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Carnival Fun Volume 1: White Rook Takes Queen

Julia Hale is a vibrant, active, inquisitive young freshman who is eager to explore the new world Harvard has to offer. However, a dark chain of monstrosities, encounters and extra-dimensional horror wraps itself tighter and tighter around Julia, threatening to send her past the brink of repair or redemption. Is this a horrible tragedy… or the revelation of some of the darkest and deepest underpinnings of the universes? Will Julia’s destiny destroy her even as it claims her as its Queen?

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Carnival Fun Volume 2: Red Queen Takes Red Rook

In this second installment of the thrilling supernatural horror adventure that is Carnival Fun, Julia’s sister, Virna Grant, begins to understand her own bloody, harrowing destiny. Can Virna wind her way through the maze of insanity, destabilization, gargantuan cosmic forces and duties that engulfed her older sister… or is Virna doomed to the same fate as Julia?

Find out in this second volume of Carnival Fun, due for release July 15, 2016.

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carnivalfunedited1   carnivalfunedited1


StarkLight Volume 1– This is the first, bestselling volume of collected short stories from our StarkLight short story contest. Volume 1 has not been available since its first print run was sold out, despite the demand for this controversial volume. Contained within are the original stories that formed the screenplays for the Rowdy Roddy Piper movies, BlindEYE and The Mystical Adventures of Billy Owens (both written by Virginia Carraway Stark). Also included are stories from Nicholas Vincenzi, Will Norton, Tony Stark as well as the prequel to the DragonKin world stories by Jeren Nethers.

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Starklight Volume 2– featuring fiction from L.E. Caine, Will Norton, Jeren Nethers, Virginia Carraway Stark, Nicholas Vincenzi and Tony Stark. This anthology touches on everything from aliens in the oil patch to demon children, planetary destruction to zombie apocalypse. Nice, light reading 😉

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StarkLight Volume 3- this anthology features stories about forbidden historical romance, interplanetary vacations gone awry, possessed objects, Katrina Calvera and haunted hotels. This volume includes a short story from The Program at Green Hill, where psychics and other remarkable people find themselves working for the Navy.

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starklight3ebookcover  starklight3ebookcover

Dalton’s Daughter- The official autobiography of Lt. Sasha Wheaton, GAF Medical Officer to Detach Detachment. Follow the salacious, exciting, scandalous career of the Galaxy’s favorite soldier as she moves from resource planet to one of the most influential women in the Galactic Association of Globes and Asteroids. (Adult content advisory)

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daltons daughter cover

daltons daughter cover

Tales from Space Volume 1- This highly addictive, thought-provoking volume provides backstory to the incredibly engaging GAF Mainframe Universe. Read the events behind important references in the GAF Universe, including the Legend of the Bluestone Maenad, Verily Wrought’s kidnapping, the foundation of the Grater Love Cult, Buxbie’s Better Bees and more!

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tfscover image_1

In My Mind’s Eye- Poetry from the Writers of Writing Challenge Fun

Share in the poetic journey of worldwide authors as they share their thoughts on life, love, inspiration, desire and the ever-transforming world around them.

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