October 22, 2021

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Welcome to Arras Books, the non-fiction imprint of StarkLight Press.

At Arras Books, we feature historical memoirs and accounts that never fail to face the more supernatural element of the historical record. Never dull and dry, rarely a page without adventure, Arras Books delves into the deeper truths hidden in old photographs, musings and local records.

Set for publication in the Winter of 2016 are the following three titles:

Two Boys and An Amazing Machine, by Allan Wiebe and Virginia Carraway Stark.

I Have MemoryMemoirs of a Writer Born and Made, by Virginia Carraway Stark.

Peace- A Collection of Stories and Poems, edited by Tony Stark.


We are currently accepting submissions of historical fiction, non-fictive memoirs and poetry of a Peace Region themed nature for our collection Peace. Submissions are open, but the spaces are filling up quickly, so be sure to send your piece in soon!

You can send your submission to starklightdesk@gmail.com

Please include your work (.doc or .odt), a brief bio, links to your sites or other works if applicable as well as contact information for email.

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