Dalton’s Daughter hits the Shelves Today!!

StarkLight Press is delighted to announce the publication of Dalton’s Daughter in ebook and print today!

A massive congratulations to author Virginia Carraway Stark on the publication of her masterful account of the Galaxy from an average girl’s perspective.

The thrilling autobiography of Sasha Wheaton, famed First Lieutenant of Detach Detachment, is available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. While print books will take ten to fourteen days to ship from Amazon, we can send your very own copy to you tonight!

Just email starklightdesk@gmail.com and order your copy today.

Check starklightpress.com in January for AMAZING new Dalton’s Daughter merchandise- only from StarkLight Press!

Thought for the Day

Uncle Carl makes a very good point- so make certain that you turn off your t.v. and read an excellent science fiction book for your first act of 2015. Might I suggest StarkLight Vol. 3, available in snook starting January 1, 2015.


Nawican Centre Gets Christmas Care Delivery

A Dawson Creek community institution received a helping hand from StarkLight Press and other businesses during the holiday season.image


In in the midst of a crowded Christmas dinner a brigade of helpers unloaded two pickup truck loads of food, toys, clothes and household items. Dinner guests clapped and cheered as the donations filled the administration office to bursting.


The Nawican Friendship Centre is a small building nestled just west of Dawson Creek’s downtown core. Started in 1967 by local activist Anne House and lawyer Peter Gibb, the Nawican was a nurturing environment for the community. Here local drop ins were welcome, aid was given to those individuals and families in crisis, and friendships between the native and European communities were kindled. Local youth were provided an activity centre to provide a constructive alternative to the sometimes desolate culture of the urban north.


This history was provided to me by Alex House, son of the late Anne House, while we waited for a magician to finish entertaining the crowd gathered for the celebration. The name Nawican, Mr. House told me, stood for Native White Canadian- symbolizing the founders’ wish for inter-community solidarity.



Mayor Dale Bumstead, MLA Mike Bernier and Councilman Mark Rogers helped in the unloading and then prepared to serve the multi-course feast to the many friends of the Nawican.





While the evening began with the large donation, the festivities continued with fellowship, reminiscences and a cornucopia of excellent Yuletide food  made by Rhonda, dedicated chef.


A local magician who runs a dog sanctuary entertained the guests as the Mayor and local politicians mingled amongst the tables and decorations.image image image

Our First Christmas Party- Huge Success!

Thanks to the three waves of guests who broke upon our shores at the Pomeroy Hotel and Suites in Dawson Creek, B.C last night!

We enjoyed the fellowship, conversation and fun brought by all our guests.  Early arrivals from Mountainview Safety and other local businesses including Faking Sanity Bookshop stayed until 8, when yours truly had to take a skype. Serendipitously, our intrepid friends from Hythe and Grande Prairie showed up shortly before I finished, and stayed until midnight, when a surprise set of visitors arrived fresh from a harrowing journey through the Pine Pass!

Several guests wound up staying and chatting through the night about fiction, the Galactic Armed Forces, space piracy and galactic terrorism,hy, Tolkien, astronomy and, of all things, bidets. (Not included in suite, this subject seemed a bit of a wild card, although probably not at two in the morning).

After a fine breakfast, some of our guests chose to partake of the pool, and we closed the door on our first successful Christmas party at noon today!

For all of our friends who could not make it, here is a gallery of pictures from the first part of the evening, before the lights gave way to candles and the wine flowed as freely as the conversation.

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Integrity in the Multiverse

Integrity in The Mulitverse

Virginia Carraway Stark

It is one of our great joys at StarkLight Press to able to invite other voices and perspectives into our worlds. It’s a hard job to write in someone else’s universe and there are certain things that are a ‘no-no’ that you might be able to get away with a lot easier when it’s your own writing. As we have had a number of new arrivals on the GAF Mainframe scene, I thought I would take a few minutes out to talk about the basics of inter-universe writing.

When I first started writing in the GAF with Jorge and Tony I felt extremely overwhelmed. A lot of the GAF universe that I walked into was extremely technical and oriented more towards the technology of the GAF-verse rather than its timeline which is an area that I am more comfortable in. This was part of why they had sought me out and recruited my services- they wanted me to be brave and be bold and add my particular spectrum of life and colour to their universe. It was an honour and a privilage and I felt a great deal as though someone had thrown me a sparrow’s egg that I might drop or squish the fledgling universe with the slightest mistake. It wasn’t like that though and it was easy to add my flair to the GAF-verse when I let my love of the characters guide me.

Christopher Buxbie, Verily Wrought, Sasha Wheaton (in an early form), Annanth Halverrsson and Dominic Donovan were some of my early loves in the GAF. They were the center of the web that I would be instrumental in weaving inside a galaxy that had sprung initially from Tony’s mind. Quadrants were born, planets were mapped and given histories, aliens were categorized and illustrated and every piece was a part of the larger puzzle.

More writers began to be involved, and then we started to observe some strange behaviours in some of the new arrivals.

As a result, we at GAF HQ as it were have come up with a basic set of rules about our unique GAGA creative commons. These rules seem to be easily understood by most of our authors who report that they are really just being polite.

  1. Once something has been accepted for publication, don’t show it around to your family and friends.

What are the reasons for this? Well, first of all, anything set in a multiple author universe is going to require some pretty heavy editing until you become an expert in the universe in your own right.

Before editing, if you were to show it to a bunch of people you would be essentially spreading disinformation about someone else’s world.

The other reason is almost as important. We want people to buy our books or go to the website to read all the GAF stories- not just the one by you. We all work hard on making all these disparate elements into a working part of our fictional universe. This second point isn’t just about sales, this is also because the GAF is a group effort and the other people involved in it deserve to be noticed and involved as well- all the more so if you are utilizing parts of their hard work to come up with a story. Sharing around writing that is a) not edited to be true to the univere, and b) isn’t promoted through the proper channels to everyone’s benefit is- will, it is vulgur and selfish. It’s kind of slutty. Why should anyone buy the cow when they can get the milk for free?

Finally the final reason: it is profoundly disrespectful to everyone else involved and shows that you are not a team player. You’d rather have some quick, less lasting and useful ego boosting than work toward getting the amazing world that is the GAF-verse out there to entertain more readers. So be a team player and keep it to yourself until the story is ready and published on one of our sites, or in an ebook or print copy. Then you can promote, promote, promote, share links and sell copies to your heart’s content.

  1. Don’t claim something someone else did as your own. Be sure you give credit where it’s due.

Why should I even have to say this? Well, it seems obvious but when people want a quick hit of ‘pay attention to me’ and they publish something prematurely, the fan writing can easily make a mistake. Once misinformation is out there about who created what or significant information about the GAF-verse has been misrepresented, it is awfully hard to ‘correct’ that mistake.

It can be very easy to just let the mistake go, especially in your own circle, and leave your immediate sphere convinced you invented Annanth, or the GAF- or the question mark, for that matter.

Easy and highly unethical. Just watch the Tim Burton movie ‘Big Eyes’ to see the dark road this sort of sloppiness can bring people down.

It leads to hurt feelings and interpersonal strife, and people becoming stingy with their creativity. For good reason, too- because you JUST STOLE FROM THEM. When people get stingy, the GAF-verse dries up. Only in an open environment where we are all respectful and mutually acknowledging of our work can the GAF-verse continue in its dynamic phase.

  1. Be humble.

Remember that sparrow’s egg? Yeah. That’s you now. You’ve been writing in the GAF-verse for a few years now and have some fascinating planets, characters and work you’ve accomplished. It’s all going swimmingly. Now imagine tossing those babies to an author who follows these rules to the letter.

A great time will be had by all. More creativity, more fun.

Imagine tossing your babies to an author who is self-aggrandizing, acquisitive, non-acknowledging, and- gasp- a SPOILER machine. Lots of sparrow yolk everywhere.

So be humble.

If you are writing in another person’s universe it is your job to stay within the confines of that universe. You aren’t there to revolutionize it or rethink it, not here to claim it for your own or twist the universe and its characters into positions anathema to them. The arrogance of thinking you have the mad skills to just come in and make an omelete of all the GAF’s sparrow eggs means that you don’t belong in anyone else’s world. If you feel that you should be immune to edits for content, plot or structure out of the gate then you aren’t a team player and you need to go out and get your own universe, and remember not to steal from the GAF-verse you just left, or the Halo-verse, or MarioWorld for that matter. If you can’t follow these basic rules, you obviously have a vision so complete you won’t need to do those things… right?

Be wary though, if you can’t play well with others, any universe becomes a lonely place in a hurry.

So that’s it- three simple rules that, when followed, have given the GAF-verse it’s incredible depth, detail and ever growing and expanding nature. We welcome all of our new authors with open arms, and encourage them to study the Encyclopedia Galactica, to ask questions of the GAF High Command, and most of all, to let their imaginations flow.

Written by Virginia Carraway Stark,

with input by Tony Stark and

Jorge Stuart.

Christmas Charity Drive Time is Here!

StarkLight Press took part this year in the Mountainview charity Drive for Nawican Native Community Centre. Together with other local businesses, StarkLight Press made a sizable donation of clothes, household and pet goods and foodstuffs:


What do all those words mean?
Well, the Nawican Centre is the outreach and community drop in nexus for Natives in the South Peace region. They do great work for the families and children of First Nations in and around Dawson Creek- but on a very limited budget.

You can find a brief web presence overview here

Mountainview Safety Security is a Dawson Creek institution that provides EMR and Industrial first aid as well as safety education and inspections.

It’s training instructor, Peter Sidoruk, suggested a charity drive for the intrepid Nawican Centre.

Local business owners joined ranks and came up with a pickup load of goods for the centre- just in time for the Holidays!

On behalf of StarkLight Press, Mountainview and Scott’s Water, we wish the best to Nawican Centre and all those groups helping children, families and communities.

– Tony Stark,
Publisher and CEO,
StarkLight Press

StarkLight Press Interviews Robert Marquiss

In our latest interview, Virginia Carraway Stark speaks with L.A. Producer and director Robert Marquiss about his work and stories.

1. What was the first thing that you remember writing?
It was about vampires and I was very young. I used to say it like I was in a vampire movie. It went something like this: “When I grow up I want to be a vampire. I want to live forever and get even with everyone. I want to have a foul breath that reeks of dead earth, corpses and sweet coffins. I want to be all cold, and have rotten flesh and stolen blood in my veins. I want to sink my terrible white teeth in the victims’ necks. I want them to slide like razors into the flesh and into the victims’ pulsing veins. This is what I want to be.” Of course my parents weren’t very happy with it. They made me sleep on the back porch for a few nights with the doors locked.

2. What is your main inspiration to write?
Adventure, Love, Romance, holding a woman close and making her yearn for more. I just love being one of the people in my books.

3. What is your story for Starklight press about?
One of them is about a boy who, in a storm, is in ship wreck and ends up on a beach on an uncharted Island. There, he discovers wild creatures beyond his wildest dreams and a sorcer who thinks he’s part of a prophecy to free a Princess.

4. Why did you choose this story/genre?
I love Fantasy, adventure and creating new characters.

5. What advice do you have for aspiring authors?
Write, write some more, and keep writing and listen to what Steven King has to say in his lecture. He hit the nail on the head.

6. What are some of your other hobbies?
You name it I have pretty much done it except for bungie jumping. Jumping from 3000 feet and higher is a little more exciting to me.

7. How do your hobbies infiltrate your writing?
They enable me to really know what I am talking about in a story when I use them as a tool.

8. How has your own past influenced your writing?
My past experiences have given a vast amount of data to work with and to pull ideas from. Example:
There’s a race. The contenders look at each other. One thinks, “Does he have a four barrel carb or trips under that hood?” The other thinks, “God I hope he doesn’t have nitro. I know he has a 4-11 positraction rear end.”

9. Any final thoughts?
Only communicate to to those who can understand your ability as a writer. And target becoming a master of your craft. Also, let’s say your book gets turned into a screen play and you find they have changed some of your great scenes into something you don’t like. Take the money, get a couple of girls, go to the beach and have a martini. That works for me.

Thanks, Bob! You can find his work at

Check out his site for tons of remarkable work

StarkLight Press Interviews Jen M. Duell

Virginia Carraway Stark interviews Jen Duell, musician and Director of the National Paranormal Society.

1. What was the first thing that you remember writing?

I was about 5 years old, and I had written a very short story about the animals in my back yard. I wrote about a rabbit that grows 10 feet tall and saves the other animals from the big mean dog next door. I was really into nature, and pretty terrified of the neighbor’s barking dog they’d always had chained up; I would sit and imagine that the rabbits who ran away from the menacing animal would grow bigger and be able to defend themselves instead of run away.

2. What is your main inspiration to write?

My main inspiration for writing is music; certain masterpieces such as ‘The Rite of Spring’ by Igor Stravinsky can really set an entire world into motion for me. Everything from Steven Wilson to Pink Floyd can also grab me by the hand and run me into a forest of reveries without a moment’s hesitation and leave me there for a while as I explore the universe of creative vision within.

3. What is your story for Starklight press about?

‘What has Kenneth Done!’ is a prequel to a novel I’d authored last Autumn—the corruption of big business and deception play a damning role in the dark mysterious past of a small New England town that is trying to boom at the turn of the 20th century. As new sins meet old; we follow Kenneth Hargraves as he struggles with the ghosts while becoming a part of the town’s most gruesome secrets that lie at the base of its successes. From Native American curses to money driven murder … ‘What has Kenneth Done!’ invites you along for a look into the foundation of Ahbasauk! A Town that stands proudly on murder and sin!

4. Why did you choose this story/genre?

I really became friends with these characters then, and now. They are generally quiet and sometimes distant but as I opened that blank Office file and stared at the blinking curser it occurred to me that Kenneth had something to say. The first few lines came out smoothly and before I could escape it; the entire town sort of knocked at the ‘my turn to breathe!’ door. The paranormal/mystery genre is typically a go-to favorite of mine and has been for quite a few years and I am mostly comfortable while walking through these fields.

5. What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Nothing that I am capable was ever learned in a classroom. One day I picked up a pen after reading and ideas began to build small homes that later erected to cities and eventually worlds. I do a lot of reading (I try at least a book per week) and I pay nature a visit at least once a day. If you really want to write, you will begin to learn
that it takes just doing it. Make it a habit to write something every day and it doesn’t matter what it is, just write what’s on your mind. Eventually everything will flow like a river and you’ll need a canoe to stay afloat.

6. What are some of your other hobbies?

When I am not dictating the direction of my characters I am either illustrating some scenes or maybe flirting with a synthesizer and when I set down the art, I am one of the directors at the National Paranormal Society and I am educating people about the paranormal.

7. How do your hobbies infiltrate your writing?

The paranormal is a plethora of inspiration. I read people’s encounters day and night and most of it is your common spiritual encounter but my mind can’t help but to be inspired by some of the situations and instances that people bring to us. My illustrating also opens doors; as I am drawing various styles of art, I am always wondering where these scene could go if I give it more blank paper to fill in.

8. Where do you see your writing taking you in the future?

My dream is to continue writing fiction and seeing it published; I would love for it to open a new path for me that leads to others like me who know and understand that little doors to other worlds are everywhere within our reach—we just have to open them and become the willing participant in their schemes and journeys.

9. How has your own past affected your writing?

I’ve always put a little bit of my truest self into my works and my past experiences tend to shine through a little in each piece. For the most part, I had a pretty normal childhood with a few scrapes and cuts and an occasional paranormal encounter. When I delve into emotion and turmoil, I dig deep within and pull out the pain of the past to aide in the guidance and direction.

10. Any other thoughts?

One of my first major inspirations was the Ballad of Reading Goal by Oscar Wilde. This particular poem had wrapped its loving arms around me and took me for a walk through various levels of dreams. Each time I had read the poem, I would go into a new adventure. Eventually I fell in love with this piece and so day after day I paid it a visit until I fulfilled the desire to write poetry like it. Literature of any form is an exciting, and growing life force that accepts us and welcomes us into its home and allows us to stretch out our limbs and float a while in that lake of dreams until we decide to dry off and return home. I hope that some of you may feel the same way that I do when you sit down and read all of us.

Fascinating interview with one of America’s most dedicated paranormal researchers. You can find the National Paranormal Society on Facebook.

Thought for the Day

I am fascinated by the idea that someone’s entire life exists solely to create something sublime. Some one sublime thing. Maybe a series of them, if they are very lucky. But that, behind every masterpiece like Bridge Over Troubled Water, or the Mona Lisa, there lies a multitude of days spent in reckless wandering, or economic straits dire and devastating, meaningless hours spent in rooms as dull and defeated as the days that demons fought the angels of creation to a draw.  For all the times we all listen to and take shelter in the wonder of another human voice that speaks Holy Truth to us, there was a life behind it, full of all the same food and pain and suffering and farts as we all have. The places where the daily experience of the struggle of life meets with the eternal products of creation is endlessly fascinating to me. Walt Disney and Michealangelo had insomnia, and allergies in the spring, and too much to drink some nights. Benny Goodman and Mozart had laundry to wash and bills to pay. What masterpieces went down the drain with their dirty water? What was created while they washed, and never would have been if they hadn’t had the work to do?

The conjunction of the ordinary with the extraordinary feat of such creations always brings me to my knees.

-Tony Stark,

Publisher and CEO,

StarkLight Press.

John J. Higgins Interviews StarkLight Press Editor

Tune in at 10 p.m. Eastern Time today to hear noted New Jersey Prosecutor John J. Higgins as he talks with our very own

Virginia Carraway Stark about life, British Columbia, screenwriting- and of course the many fantastic projects she spearheads at StarkLight Press.

jjhinterviewJohn J. Higgins is author of a fascinating set of novels involving angels, suspense and the supernatural. I thoroughly encourage all our fans to check out his work, and his set of remarkable radio interviews!