What I’ve Learned

As a result of the extremely positive reaction to recent works, I’ve decided to share a little update from one of our authors (namely, me) for our wider audience.

Many of our authors are eschewing the fooferaw of Facebook and other twitterpated social media platforms. Some have moved to private messenger services, or their own blogs, or just good old fashioned mail, snail and e-variety. As a result, StarkLight Press will be sharing updates and contacts for our authors and staff here, over the next few weeks.

First is a blog from my new personal site, wherein authors, friends and well-wishers can contact with and correspond with me and other interested parties. Look for more entries throughout the next few weeks, from authors and staff like Virginia Carraway Stark, Alfie Elkins, Will Norton, Leanne Caine and more!

You can contact this author (me) at this blog, and at starklightdesk@gmail.com.

Tony Stark Does Stuff


So, here I am, after a year and a bit’s vacay from Facebook and social media. My reasons for sabbatical are several-fold.

Family events dictated that it was time to focus my energies and efforts on what is most important to me, and to provide support for my family unit. While events leading up to this are not yet something I can talk about, let’s just say that the longer small-minded people want to split their selfish little hairs, the more it will come back upon them in the end.

Let’s just say that entering into the world of litigation via my wife’s circumstances has shown me the depths of people’s dogmatic ignorance. Seeing the confused and pathetically inquisitorial tactics these bullies will utilize in order to keep from parting with any small amount of the budget the taxpayers provide them for necessitous recompense has shown me that, for a…

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Time for a Little Ordo ab Chao-

shelley quote1

With the tumultuous climate in the world, it occurs to us that there’s no time better to announce a poetry anthology!

Since April is approaching, and spring along with it, we hope to compile a poetry anthology in the interval, and provide some beauty, liberty and elegance of phrase to the melee.

We are including long and short poetic works on any subject, provided the content is of aPG-13 sort of calibre, and free from choleric discourse, please.

Meter is open-ended; we encourage exploration into a variety of poetic styles beyond the standard, 21st Century styles.

We have sixteen contributors’ spots available, with up to three contributions each.

Those poets selected for inclusion in our poetry anthology will be promoted through StarkLight Press and its social media and print media networks. Interviews with our poets will be included as part of our online promotion of this work.


To that end, here are some links to some great lists of poetic styles:




Don’t break your brain with these entrancing poetic styles- heart before style any day!

Please send queries or submissions to starklightdesk@gmail.com, along with a brief bio and/or links to your websites.

Our submission call ends May 15, 2019, or when our sixteen slots are filled. However, poetic submissions will also be considered for our subsequent anthologies, as well as slots in our StarkLight Short Story series.


Tony Stark,

Publisher and CEO,

StarkLight Press.