Gong Hay Fat Choy!

StarkLight Press wishes all our fans, friends, authors and readers a very happy Year of the Green Wood Sheep!

We plan on making this our most auspicious year yet, and welcome everyone to help us make it our most creative and prosperous.

green sheep

Dalton’s Daughter- First Proofs Arrive!


This weekend marked the momentous arrival of the physical proofs for Dalton’s Daughter, the first novel published by StarkLight Press. Written by Virginia Carraway Stark, this book recounts the early years of Sasha Wheaton, one of the strongest, most honest women characters the world of science fiction has yet to see. This remarkable biography is the first installment in a three part series that will take the reader from Sasha’s earliest days on resource planet Dalton to the wealth and fame of being the most recognized Lieutenant in the Galactic Armed Forces.

Filled with tidbits of fascinating information about the GAF Universe, Dalton’s Daughter is a fast-paced and fascinating read that leaves the reader clamoring for more- which will be coming in 2016.

Check out the ebook version of Dalton’s Daughter on Amazon today, or pre-order your first edition hard copy by emailing starklightdesk@gmail.com!

Our first run is almost 70% sold out, so be sure you send us your order today!

A Correction-

My apologies to our international friends- sadly, you are not eligible to vote in Canada’s Auroras. Please feel free to peruse the missive sent to us by the Aurora President regarding the situation:


I have noticed some serious errors on your website, https://starklightpress.com/, concerning the Aurora awards. At this time the only thing that is open is that CSFFA members are nominating their favourite works for the awards. The eligibility list only shows our members some of the items that they may nominate. Nominations do not close until April and we will not be announcing the award nominees until May. I know that one of my board members has been in touch with you and he is quite correct in the seriousness of this issue.

On your website you say: “Please note that Virginia Carraway Stark is up for Best Novel (Dalton’s Daughter) and best poem (Her Face).” This is not true. You and many other works are eligible for the award but you may NOT say that you are up for the award. It gives people the impression that you are on the final ballot.

At this time there is no 2015 ballot. So none of your works have been nominated for the awards and you may not say that they have. You may also not request non-Canadians to nominate. This award is only for Canadian. You must be Canadian or a landed immigrant living in Canada to register and become a member of CSFFA.

I am going to have to request that you update your site immediately.

I know you have nominated and voted in the past and thought you understood the rules. If not we have them posted on our website here: http://www.prixaurorawards.ca/aurora-awards/eligibility/

Thank you for your assistance,

Clifford Samuels

Aurora Awards administrator and CSFFA President

Cliff’s email says more volumes than I ever could regarding the quality of the establishment of the Aurora Awards- that and the fact they directed the complaint to our Chief Editor, Virginia Carraway Stark, when yours truly was
the one who engaged via message and email.

– Tony Stark.

Vote for Your Aurora Award Picks Today!!

As we are a month into 2015, it’s certainly time to start voting for the Aurora Awards!


Go to

And pick your favorite choices today!

Please note that Virginia Carraway Stark is up for Best Novel (Dalton’s Daughter) and best poem (Her Face).

Also, please note Anthony Stark is up for best cover as well.
Check out all the great works by Canadian authors!

For all of our international friends, you can vote for your favorite choices by going to http://www.prixaurorawards.ca. And getting your membership today! Apart from all the latest updates on Canadian fiction, you also get to vote for your favorite authors, artists and poets of 2014.