A Word About Our Press

StarkLight Press is an independent Canadian Publishing House devoted to printing and promoting the best in Speculative and Science Fiction, Immersive Fantasy and History writing available today. We believe that each story written is a doorway into another world. StarkLight Press opens and expands the reader’s view to those worlds through an in-depth approach we call Constellation Media. By combining the best in classic narrative fiction- such as short stories and novels with graphic novellas, interactive internet features, video, vlogging and interdimensional reality offerings- StarkLight offers to the public a vibrant and ever-expanding experience of the worlds we open to view through our stories.

The flagship universe at StarkLight Press is the Galactic Armed Forces (GAF) science fiction world, created in 2005 and expanding still through internet, live action role playing and graphic novel markets into an indie pop-culture phenomenon. With the addition of video media coming in late 2014, StarkLight Press plans to make the GAF-verse the model of its Constellation Media program. Audience members and fans can make active and vibrant contributions to the expansion and color of the GAF universe, bringing a special sense of ownership and belonging to the entertainment experience offered.

Future Constellation Media ventures include the Fantasy worlds of Dorian and I’snia. Linking many different worldsets together is the The Program at Green Hill. By tying the fictional worlds together through stories of interdimensional causality that center around the sleepy town of Green Hill, StarkLight Press is pleased to be the only media empire that allows the loyal fan the experience of engaging in their favorite characters’ experiences in many different realities at once.

The combination of author-created derivatives as well as the integration of fan fiction and interaction isn’t the only thing that sets apart StarkLight Press’ business model. We are the only publishing house in North America that devotes 50% of its yearly title quota to the publication of open submission short stories. By advancing the careers and exposure of today’s little-known, extremely talented authors, StarkLight Press upholds its commitment to sharing and maintaining the fantastic with audience members worldwide.

The best of the short stories contained in our StarkLight Short Story Compendiums will be provided with the same kind of nurturing creative foundation given to the GAF-verse. These new authors will be encouraged to develop and cross-pollinate their works through the ever-expanding world of our Constellation Media Programs.

In addition, StarkLight Press offers two poetry anthologies a year to up and coming poets from around the world.

We have also begun our historical non-fiction imprint, Arras Books. This imprint focuses purely on the little known histories of regions and areas around the world that are merely names on a map to most of us. By publishing family stories and historical overviews, we share the kind of magic, mystery, crime and triumph that typifies the best fiction, but is often overlooked merely because it had the misfortune of happening in what we call the ‘real world’. By emphasizing the spirtual aspect of family and regional histories, StarkLight Press hopes to bring the magic of fiction into the most seemingly mundane of places on planet Earth.

At StarkLight Press, we believe in our stories, and we support our Authors. We nurture and encourage our fans. We care about content, vision and loyalty to character, plot and universe. We care about sharing those remarkable tales with you, our audience.

– Tony Stark, Publisher and CEO, StarkLight Press.

Introducing Arras Books

I’m proud to announce the launch of our new, non-fiction imprint, Arras Books.


At Arras books, we will be accepting submissions of biographies, historical accounts, photographic journals and family sagas, especially those that have a spiritual, supernatural flavor. Though we focus on those stories in Western Canada, Arras Books welcomes submissions and outlines from people throughout the world.  We want to tell the stories that are shared only around the family dinner table at holidays, or in hushed tones late in the evening. The personal ghostly and paranormal stories of Canadians, and indeed regular people around the world, is a focus at Arras books, for we acknowledge that every family history has elements beyond the mundane.


Arras Books-  The End of a Story is the Beginning of Another.





Interview with Hal Friesen

Here is StarkLight Press’  interview with “AstroHal” Hal Friesen, author of The Afterscience. His remarkable short story won StarkLight Press Short Story Contest

#2 and is published in our new compendium, due to hit shelves the last week of July. Congratulations to Hal!


Interview With Hal Friesen regarding ‘The Afterscience‘.

  1. Do you have any sources of inspiration for your work?

I always try to focus on the interesting and intimate ways scientific progress reacts with human psychology, and to that end new scientific discoveries and ideas provide great source material.

  1. What do you love most about writing?

The sense of freedom and exploration on the page, and the wonder when a beautiful, coherent but complex image emerges from nothing.

  1. Who are your favourite writers? Why are they your favourites?

Robert J. Sawyer for his ability to combine the intimately human with the grandly cosmic. Philip K. Dick for his complex mosaic of language laced into every sentence. Robert Heinlein for exciting my great interest in the genre with adventure and wit.

  1. What is the most unique aspect of your story?

I think the connection between big and small – both in social status as well as scale. A Japanese teenager plays an important role in the outcome on a space shuttle. I like telling stories where I try to bridge big gulfs, and I think it’s something you don’t see very often.

  1. What fictional universe speaks most to you?

Star Wars was one of my first SF loves, then Dune made my eyes wide for a continuous month after reading it. Lynda Williams’s Okal Rel Universe grew on me gradually, and as I’ve immersed myself in it in order to contribute I’ve grown to love the rich complexity more and more. Firefly is another one—but who doesn’t love Firefly? A recent more obscure one that I fell in love with was Jasper Forde’s Shades of Grey, because it was such clever satire that gradually revealed itself to be very rich and deep.

  1. What do you think people will most enjoy about your story?

The connection between the two plotlines.

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I write speculative fiction, play science, and study cello. I wore an astronaut costume for 167 days in a contest to go to space. I grew up in Prince George, BC, and hold a BSc in Chemistry and Physics, and MSc in Electrical Engineering. Now I’m working as a Research Scientist in laser gas detection, I spend my working hours making and breaking new concepts, before going home to unleash my imagination writing on a homemade treadmill desk. I live in Edmonton with a gnome painted like Super Mario.

  1. Any words of advice for struggling writers?

Keep writing. You get better with every story you write, even if it doesn’t seem that way. And try to be patient.

Thanks, Hal, for your interview- we will be posting a video interview with Hal and our other winners on our YouTube page later in August.

– Tony Stark, P and CEO.

Dalton’s Daughter Update

Dalton’s Daughter, the Autobiography of Sasha Wheaton, is due to be released later this fall.


It’s release has been pushed back due to a variety of factors, some very good, some dreadful, some disturbing.

Check here at StarkLight Press for blog entries by its author, Virginia Stark, for her Dalton’s Daughter Saga

series- first post coming next week.

Get the whole scoop behind the tumultuous creation of the autobiography of the GAF’s most beloved first Lieutenant,

only at StarkLight Press- where the books we print are only part of the whole story.


Our Third Short Story Contest Posts Again!

Hmmmmm…. it appears that every single trace of our third short story contest postings has evaporated. So here it is again, for everyone’s perusal.

sinkhole 16a

Thanks to Alexandra-Marie Kiyawsew for bringing this error to our attention 🙂


StarkLight Press Third Short Story Contest Rules

Submission Length: 10 000 words maximum, flash fiction accepted.

Submission Content:
Any subject matter of a speculative, science fiction or fantasy nature involving either original characters or characters published under the StarkLight Press imprint (ie: GAFF, Dorian, I’snian Characters or worldsets). Sadly, though we would love to hear your top notch fan fiction, we can’t accept any wider re-characterizations. Thinly veiled alterations of a truly original nature will be run past our legal department however, and will be considered for publication through our not-for-profit webpages.

Graphic novels, illustrated short stories consisting of grayscale (sorry, no color images) will also be accepted. Again, see content guidelines as above. We aren’t MAD magazine, so we can’t risk the litigation of a good caricature, even though we do enjoy them

Submission Format: ODT, RTF, PDF formats. Images in JPEG only please, either embedded in file or tagged separately, 300 ppi for black and white, 600 ppi for color.

Other requirements: For our first time submittors, please include a five hundred word maximum bio that describes a bit about you and your writing career.

Also include a five hundred word maximum overview of the worldscape from which your story springs.

Include email address, webpages, facebook sites etc. Also phone number if so desired.

All submissions meeting the requirements will be considered, and all submitters will be contacted by August 28, 2014.

StarkLight Volume 3 will be published in November 2014.

Each winning contributor will receive:
a copy of Starklight Vol. 3
a Prize Packet of promotional materials including posters for the compendium, GAF poster grab bag and a StarkLight t-shirt, hat, magic writer’s pen and mug plus other goodies.

-thorough, nay exhaustive publicity for the winner and their websites through StarkLight Media, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, web coverage
-an interview to be posted on the StarkLight Industries and Carraway Productions YouTube channel
-an invitation for two to the StarkLight Volume 3 Book Launch party, at a swank location to be determined in 2014
will be signed on as part of our authors’ family (a non-exclusive arrangement, but one that guarantees your royalties to your story in perpetuity)

All short stories considered for publication in StarkLight Volume 3 must be first run, not published in any other print media or copywritten e-means. StarkLight Press reserves the right to republish the works as per our standard contract and maintains first right of refusal for second connected media publishing of related stories or media- we want to keep publishing you, and aim to meet your publication needs! Subsequent publishing of accepted stories by other imprints is subject to StarkLight Press approval.

Contact starklightdesk@gmail.com or call 250-467-2995 between 4 p.m. And 12 a.m. seven days a week for details.

Our Interview with Contest Winner Will Norton

Here is our text interview with Will Norton, one of the winners of our StarkLight Press short story contest.

Interview With Will Norton about his upcoming short story and winner of the Starklight Press Literary Award.

  1. Do you have any sources of inspiration for your world?

    I’ve had experience working in the oil industry. I write from personal experience and the soul sucking horror that pays my bills. Every day that I go to work there is a serious chance that I’ve irreprably damaged my health. Danger pay is a huge part of the big wages that I earn, danger and medical expenses both now and in the future. I write what I write as a big fat ‘what if’ that scares the f#%@ out of me everyday. The short answer is my terror and horror at what I do everyday is the inspiration I draw from.

  1. What do you love most about writing?

    The fact that it’s something real and lasting. Most of what I do in my ‘actual’ job has the effect of being used by consumers in about five seconds and it literally just burns away and it’s gone. Well, not gone, the residual effects will impact the environment for a long time to come and so will the wreckage that was once a world and now it’s just a total craphole nightmare. oilspillI mean, these places I go to used to be beautiful and now… anyway, that’s what I love about writing is that it’s worse where I write, but it’s not the world, not yet. I mean, except for the stories that I say are fictional only so they don’t fire my ass from my job. This is a complete lie but, you should know… NONE OF IT IS FICTION! I’VE SEEN IT ALL HAPPEN!!! WE ARE ALL IN HUGE SHIT AND IT KEEPS GETTING WORSE.

    Also, I’m just a creative person, ya know?

  1. Who are your favourite writers? Why are they your favourites?

    My favorite writer of all time is Stephen King. No one holds a candle to him, he just tells the story and he doesn’t try to get all literary and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. By that I mean that he’s not self conscious, he’s not worried about the critics, it’s just a story. A totally credible terrifying story. Except for those few times where he does get self conscious and experimental… you all know the books I mean…

  1. What is the most unique aspect of your universe?

    There isn’t anything unique about my universe. It’s only one degree from the real world and it’s a whole lot of things that scare me and should scare you, too. I guess if there was one thing that was unique I would have to say the fact that it’s mine and nobody else’s nightmare. For better or worse I’m married to the horrors of my own mind and my keyboard has split open my mind and birthed the children I have made with my revulsion at the human condition and now you’ve gotten yourself involved. Haha.

  1. What is your favourite part of your universe?

    The fact that I remain outside of it and that my life is marginally better than my protagonists’ tend to be.oilpee

  1. What do you think people will most enjoy about your universe?

    I have no clue. I hope it’s because it makes you think a little bit but this question is really hard. I write to get the horrors out of my head and onto the page, why you’d want to put it into your head is seriously beyond my understanding. Having said that, please read my story and buy lots of copies for your friends and families.

  2. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

    I write whenever I get a chance but my full time job is out in the oil patch which is a bitter and demeaning job. I’m bitter and demeaned, that’s one thing about myself that I’m sure many people would enjoy hearing about me. I am a firm believer in the internet rumors that KFC was forced to change its name because they were forbidden from calling their genetically modified half spider/ half chicken monstrosities ‘chicken’ any longer. I’ve seen the pictures and they are emblazoned on my soul. I defy everyone to prove that sh#$ is photoshopped.


  1. Any words of advice of struggling writers?

    Don’t struggle. If you’re struggling you’re doing it all wrong. Go out and live your life and write what comes to mind. Send it out wherever and as much as you can. The internet makes it so easy. Think about what what writers who have preceded you have gone through and quit whining. You just have to click ‘send’, used to be not too long ago that there were self addressed stamped envelopes and hundreds of dollars spent on paper and printing so that you could get rejected, now you have the pleasure of getting rejected for free. You can be rejected so much faster and by so many more people, the internet has revolutionized rejection beyond everyone’s wildest dreams. Anyway, keep on asking, it’s gonna work out eventually… unless your writing is crap, then you’re up some creek without a paddle. And on the internet, somebody’s bound to read it one day anyway.


Read “Breaking Time” in StarkLight Volume 2, soon to be released on ebook and in print. Place your advance orders at starklightdesk@gmail.com. Just tell us how many copies you’d like and we will send you a form today.

Don’t forget to visit Will’s facebook page and friend him, too !


-Tony Stark

StarkLight Volume 2 Winners

An official congratulations to the winners of our StarkLight Volume 2 short story contest!


(Graphic courtesy Marquiss Productions 2014)



The lucky authors will be featured in the second volume of our compendium of speculative fiction, science fiction and fantasy


available later this week in ebook version, and in fine bookstores across Western Canada later in July.


Our winners are:

E.L. Caine

Hal J. Friesen (check out Half Riesen on facebook)

Cathy Illes (illescathy@gmail.com and check out her blog at http://www.cathyillesspeaks.wordpress.com)

Robert Marquiss (his remarkable resume is at http://www.apex101.net/GiftArt/rmresume.htm)

Jeren Nethers (faultyandirritated@gmail.com)

Will Norton (1ruffnekk@gmail.com)

Rufus Seafjord

Nicholas Vincenzi


Many congratulations to our winners!


-Tony Stark, Publisher and CEO.


Anybody Wanna Buy an Encyclopaedia?

Announcing the publication of our newest reference guide- the Encyclopaedia Galactica!

This is the one stop, handy reference guide for all things in the GAF universe- including updated entries on Verily Wrought, Sasha Wheaton, the HSD epidemic and the mysteries of Bluestone Academy and Brandenburg.

This is a completely annotated, updated version of the old EG, available on the original GAF Mainframe website.

It will be available in Novemeber 2014 in paperback and ebook.

The fully illustrated, annotated Encyclopaedia Galactica will be available in 2015.

Our first entry is up this Thursday at http://gafmainframe.com/2014/07/11/bluestone-maenad/

Check http://www.gafmainframe.com on our Encyclopaedia Galactica Page for entry updates every Thursday- feel free to comment, add interesting tidbits and offerings there.  Pertinent additions will be included in the publications. Your name could be included in the list of contributors of the most prestigious reference in the Galaxy!

-Tony Stark, Publisher and CEO.

Short Story Contest 3 Gets Phenomenal Response!

Many thanks to our 30+ contest entrants for StarkLight’s third short story contest!

The contest still has a bit of time left in it, so don’t be shy- fire off your short stories, flash fiction, poetry and really anything creative,

not bogged down by copyright and even vaguely edited to our contest email:




There are ten more slots for StarkLight Vol. 3 available, so get in the game and win yourself a prestigious spot amongst today’s best


Winning contestants receive a print and video interview to be posted on StarkLight Press website and YouTube channel, a prize pack of

merchandise from our short story compendium as well as GAF memorabilia, 5 copies of StarkLight Vol. 3 and free posters and cards.


We’re not saying winning our contest could put an end to war, world hunger and economic hardship, but it’s a keen start 😉

Send in your entry today!


Tony Stark, Publisher and CEO.

Robert Marquiss, Author of Kingdoms of Magic

Robert Marquiss, author of Kingdoms of Magic, was one of our winners of StarkLight Press’ Short Story Contest this spring.

We are honored to be able to include Mr. Marquiss amongst our contest winners- a longtime producer and director in California, he is a font of amazing creative ideas and energy.

Included here is Virginia Stark’s interview with Robert Marquiss about his winning piece, his work and his views on writing.


Do you have any sources of inspiration for your world?

R.M: Seeing the creations of others in all the aspects of the arts and sciences. From American Indian jewelry and head-dress makers, to sculptors and painters in Italy; bone carvers in Alaska to aborigine stone painting in Australia. Every country has unique art forms that can make your mind dance with wonder and excitement if you would only look. There are those who don’t see the flower. Some will see it but don’t pay attention to it. But there are those who see it and all the wondrous things that surround it, the rain drops playing on its petals in a storm, the bees’ infatuation with it, the sparkle of the morning dew on it. These things give me inspiration.

What do you love most about writing?

R.M: Sitting down and creating worlds that others can enjoy and relate to and taking their minds to other worlds they have not experienced before. Making things come alive where there was noting there before. Watching a person read my work and come away having enjoyed something they had never experienced before. I like seeing people laugh, seeing someone come through hardship, someone winning against all odds.

Who are your favorite writers? Why are they your favorites?

R.M: Now that’s hard to say. There are so many works from different writers that I like.

The first on that comes to mind is Ray Bradbury. I spent some time with him at his home. Now there is a very creative soul and a very generous and compassionate person. (Did you know he wrote the script of the classic film Moby Dick?) I was invited to one of his plays in Pasadena: It was fantastic. I had the honor of sitting next to Ray Harryhausen (Clash of the Titans and Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger) and we got a chance to talk about film making and special effects. It was great being with both of them.

What is the most unique aspect of your universe?

R.M: It’s still here. LOL.

To delve into many aspects of art and science and have people enjoy what I create.

What is your favorite part of your universe?

R.M: Writing, film making, drawing, painting, designing houses, (have built 2 in LA) sculpting, model-making, music, special effects, editing, sound effects, mechanical drawing, technical illustrating and prop making.

What do you think people will most enjoy about your universe?

R.M: That my work is so diverse and that there is something there for almost anyone. When you leave it you leave it feeling better and/or happy.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

R.M: I’m creative, mild mannered, easy going. But when I’m working, sometimes I go non- stop. I am a very “A to B” kind of person. I also I really like to make people laugh. There’s a line from a film that explains me, “When I’m good I’m really good and when I’m bad I’m very, very bad.”

Any words of advice for struggling writers?

R.M: Yes. Go by your own knowingness, and if you make a mistake, so what? I have not met anyone yet who can point a finger and that finger doesn’t have some stink on it. Be your own advisor and keep your own counsel and just write. And yes there is hating that goes along with any subject, but you choose what you want. I read an article from one writer who said, [sorry, can’t quote it exactly, but you’ll get the idea], “It’s all been done before, just rehashing.” Now there’s one writer who can’t freely create on his own.

For more information on Robert Marquiss, his works and his C.V- click this link to his visually stunning website: