John J. Higgins Interviews StarkLight Press Editor

Tune in at 10 p.m. Eastern Time today to hear noted New Jersey Prosecutor John J. Higgins as he talks with our very own

Virginia Carraway Stark about life, British Columbia, screenwriting- and of course the many fantastic projects she spearheads at StarkLight Press.

jjhinterviewJohn J. Higgins is author of a fascinating set of novels involving angels, suspense and the supernatural. I thoroughly encourage all our fans to check out his work, and his set of remarkable radio interviews!


Rolla Writers Association Convenes This Thursday!

Calling all writers, poets, artists, quaffers and creative warriors!


Patricia Ann Martin, owner of the fabulous Rolla Pub, is providing her singular venue for a gathering of creative minds.

Starting this Thursday, December 11, 2014,  at 7 pm, the Rolla Pub will be the gathering place for people who want to share their

poetry, short stories, artwork, novels, memoirs, songs and dances in a completely supportive, positive environment.

Bring your mead horn and quaff to the skaldcraft!

Dress the part for your poetry reading!

Celebrate warmth and creativity with other friendly, positive artists and writers!

Come and meet the new creative cynosure of the Peace- at Rolla Pub, Thursdays at 7 pm

-Tony Stark,

Publisher and CEO,

StarkLight Press.