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Christmas Charity Drive Time is Here!

StarkLight Press took part this year in the Mountainview charity Drive for Nawican Native Community Centre. Together with other local businesses, StarkLight Press made a sizable donation of clothes, household and pet goods and foodstuffs:


What do all those words mean?
Well, the Nawican Centre is the outreach and community drop in nexus for Natives in the South Peace region. They do great work for the families and children of First Nations in and around Dawson Creek- but on a very limited budget.

You can find a brief web presence overview here

Mountainview Safety Security is a Dawson Creek institution that provides EMR and Industrial first aid as well as safety education and inspections.

It’s training instructor, Peter Sidoruk, suggested a charity drive for the intrepid Nawican Centre.

Local business owners joined ranks and came up with a pickup load of goods for the centre- just in time for the Holidays!

On behalf of StarkLight Press, Mountainview and Scott’s Water, we wish the best to Nawican Centre and all those groups helping children, families and communities.

– Tony Stark,
Publisher and CEO,
StarkLight Press