Dalton’s Daughter hits the Shelves Today!!

StarkLight Press is delighted to announce the publication of Dalton’s Daughter in ebook and print today!

A massive congratulations to author Virginia Carraway Stark on the publication of her masterful account of the Galaxy from an average girl’s perspective.

The thrilling autobiography of Sasha Wheaton, famed First Lieutenant of Detach Detachment, is available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. While print books will take ten to fourteen days to ship from Amazon, we can send your very own copy to you tonight!

Just email starklightdesk@gmail.com and order your copy today.

Check starklightpress.com in January for AMAZING new Dalton’s Daughter merchandise- only from StarkLight Press!

Thought for the Day

Uncle Carl makes a very good point- so make certain that you turn off your t.v. and read an excellent science fiction book for your first act of 2015. Might I suggest StarkLight Vol. 3, available in snook starting January 1, 2015.