The Book that Changed the World: Lex Visigothorum (Law of the Visigoths)

An excellent essay on the more literary side of barbarian hordes, written by SLP’s own Virginia Carraway Stark.


How a book changed everything, based on a writing prompt from An Author’s Tale

Lex Visigothorum (Law of the Visigoths)


Once upon a time there were very few books. This is largely as a result of the Visigoth’s and other invading hoards that destroyed all the books and learnings that had been cultivated from the Roman Empire and culminated most likely in the burning of the famous library of Alexandria.

For a long time after this everyone forgot how to read or write. Paper and vellum are not easy to make and the survivors of the invading hoards were squatting in squalor and trying to figure out how to break down the great inventions of the Roman Empire like the aqueducts and the Colleseum into pieces so that they could build small huts for themselves.

The books were gone, their wisdom was gone and so was their amusement. For a…

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