StarkLight Press Interviews Van Fleming

1. What was the first thing that you remember writing?
The first thing I remember writing is actually a story that takes place after this one where Markus is a major support character.
2. What is your main inspiration to write?
Imagination. Seeing something in real life and spinning it on it’s head.  Change the setting, or style or even the time frame and see what happens. Even a line from a song can give the spark to start a fire and turn into a full blown idea.
3. What is your story for StarkLight press about?
Markus is a mercenary in a war against an ancient evil. Wolves shaped with magic and given intelligence. A weapon for a war long past that has become the bane of modern times. This story leads up, telling how he rose to the lofty position we find him in in a later story.
4. Why did you choose this story/genre?
Since I was a child (my wife would say I still am) I have always found swords and magic more interesting than the wild west or a galaxy far far away. What would it be like to ride on a dragon? What is the cost to wield the great powers of magic? Can a small group of people truly be the catalyst that changes a generation?
5. What advise do you have for aspiring authors?
Day dream, fantasize, set no limits. The stories you write come from the imagination, and that is fueled by an open and eager mind. And never let anyone tell you it’s not good enough. Only you can say that.
6. What are some of your other hobbies?
Clogging, Line Dance and Gaming as well as the occasional anime with my teenage daughter.
7. How do your hobbies infiltrate your writing?
A few names and descriptions have come from characters of my friends, with their permission of course.
8. How has your own past influenced your writing?
Some of the sword fights in my stories have been inspired by my early martial arts training, and many of my values can be seen in the main characters. A respect for life, a need to help others and the need to do the right thing, no matter what.
9. Any final thoughts?
I appreciate the opportunity you guys gave me to get my story out there and to also spread my wings into a little science Fiction in the GAF Universe.
Van Fleming is a Texas author who is one of the winners of StarkLight Press’ Third Short Story Contest, as well as an upcoming inductee to GAF Mainframe writers’ circle.
– Virginia Carraway Stark,
StarkLight Press.

StarkLight Press Mission Statement

I would like to offer a warm welcome to all of our new blog followers, Facebook fans and superlative fiction aficionados.


Welcome to StarkLight Press- the Center of the Media Galaxy!


What does our awesome tagline mean, exactly? Well you should ask.

At StarkLight Press, we believe in two things above all else- the Imagination and the Power of Story.

We believe that the Imagination is truly the seat of everything great in the human psyche. Without its fire in the crucible of our minds, we would not be able to rise above our misfortunes, our limitations, and our pain. It allows us not only the ability to develop innovations in our lives in terms of concrete reality, but it is an integral first step in raising the tones of our hearts and minds. Without imagination to provide us with windows into There, we would never be able to soothe our spirits so heavy with the troubles of Here.


To that end, StarkLight Press fosters an Immersive Fiction Experience, with credibly fantastic worldscapes, characters and action that gives the mind a playground for the Imagination, with plenty of tire swings and monkeybars for all.

We believe in not just casting a light on other realms, worlds and dimensions, but illuminating them as fully as hearsaid experience might convey, so that the reader has fodder for their imagination long after they put down one of our books.

By stoking the fires of the imagination with such vibrant and intricate worlds, StarkLight Press provides you, the reader, with an escape that will lift your spirit throughout your day, and inspire you to look at your own familiar worldscape with a fresh perspective. A fresh perspective that maybe will make your own worldscape a little bit more awesome.  This freshness of subject matter is the key to releasing all the positivity the human imagination can produce.  We hope at StarkLight Press to inspire this world to blossom with ideas and purpose beyond the limits set for it, and us, by those who lack imagination entirely.

The Power of Story is the cordwood by which the fires of the imagination nurture both our hearts and our future.  By telling fascinating, credible and, well, amazing stories, StarkLight Press aims to remind the reader that the Universe is in fact at least as amazing as those childhood fancies entertained, and that they can exist in the adult realm as well by providing our grown minds with the added intricacies, information and plot that are required to stoke the fires of a more developed reader.


We’ve heard the wistful wishes of fans from all over, that they only wish they had MORE of a story, or knew MORE about a certain aspect of this, or that. More… and better. Stories that don’t deliberately fall flat for mass consumption. Characters that are pale versions of what they should be to sell… whatever. Worlds that are REAL, not just slapped together with the spit and baling twine of a dozen writers scanning fan commentary after every new installment comes to the public trough.


StarkLight Press believes that its readers are canny, cognitive and reject the mass-media spoon with its conventions full of mushy and indistinct snippets of story.

We know you can handle it.

That’s why we make certain our fiction serves only two masters- Imagination, and the Power of Story.  If it doesn’t come to mind to speed your morning commute, we won’t publish it. If you don’t find yourself bringing it up at the dinner table the next week, it’s not yet good enough. If it doesn’t make your eyes widen with the delight of your starving inner child who is finally able to satiate its grown up mind on fiction that not only soothes but satisfies- you sure won’t find it here.

That’s what we’re all about, which is why our GAF Universe has been a cult favorite amongst the brightest and most creative folks out there.

That’s why our StarkLight Anthologies are so popular, filled to the brim with new authors armed with new, exciting tales.

That’s why our non-fiction imprint, Arras Books, is ground-breaking, because it re-introduces the mundane world to the reader by adding the truth behind the dusty history.


That’s why we keep our universes living, and infinite, not vague past histories of dreams once dreamed, now dead.

Our stories are the future- they have tales to be told, and worlds to be explored.

Most importantly, they have things they are willing to share with each of us, here and now, today.

-Tony Stark,

Publisher and CEO, StarkLight Press.


Well, it’s finally happened… StarkLight Press Goes Hollywood :-0

– in the best possible way!

Robert Marquiss, CEO of Marquiss Films, personally took our posters to downtown Los Angeles the other day.

Proud to be making inroads in Tinseltown with our fabulous, first-rate, immersive fiction universes and our short story anthologies,

StarkLight Press is now advertising in various venues in Sunny Southern California- including these pics taken at Sunset Blvd and Hollywood Blvd!

holywoodmarquiss1 marquiss sunset blvd


Thanks to Robert Marquiss, visionary creator of the Kingdoms of Magic universe, whose trailers you can check out here

and whose Kingdoms of Magic short story you can check out in StarkLight Volume 2, available on Amazon kindle and Barnes and, or by emailing us at

Now Hollywood knows where to come to get the stories for the next series of blockbuster movies- StarkLight Press.


-Tony Stark,

Publisher and CEO, StarkLight Press.

VCON Book Launch

What a wonderful, magical, personal way to connect with the authors of some of Canada’s most innovative and imaginative fiction!

Before a live audience, Canadian authors sit in an accessible, comfortable chair and share a passage from their new releases.

Steampunk-inspired Harry Houdini fiction to dystopian futures to magical forest fables to cthonic sagas were just a few of the many varied

tales orated at the Book Launch.


The much beloved Esser of the Gendler Race got some airtime as Virginia Carraway Stark read from her short story, “His Own Ticket”. This story is one of many GAF stories in Tales from Space Volume 1- one of four books published this year by StarkLight Press.


Here are some pictures of the Book Launch readers:


Here is Marty Chan, author of the Erich Weisz Chronicles, at the read, performing a Houdini-esque escape from a straightjacket:

An excellent evening of the best in this year’s Canadian speculative fiction- and some magic, to boot!


Twitter Milestone Reached for StarkLight Press Author

A fantabulous, gigantic congratulation goes out to Virginia Carraway Stark, author of Dalton’s Daughter and other GAF tales!










fireworks right


She has reached 1000- One Thousand- Mille- Tausend- húmë Twitter Followers!



A thousand thanks go out to her many followers, who all have excellent taste 😉


We’ll keep you posted when our other authors reach their own Twitter milestones… and let our blog followers know when Virginia reaches two thousand followers with her beautiful and thoughtful, wry and beautiful memes!

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Interview with E.L. Caine

At long last, here is the interview for StarkLight Press from E.L. Caine, winner of our StarkLight Short Story Contest with her entry, “Watcher at the Door.”

Interview with E. L. Caine about her short story ‘Watcher at the Door’.

  1. Do you have any sources of inspiration for your world?

    I think bad thoughts, like the worst ‘what ifs’ and then I write them down and hope that’s like knocking on wood and will keep the horribles in the closet where they belong.

  2. What do you love most about writing?

    It’s a disease, incurable and ever present. I love it like I would love a hardcore case of psoriasis.

  1. Who are your favourite writers? Why are they your favourites?

    I’ve always like comic books a lot but I’m not actually sure who they are by, Alan Moore for sure and Bryan Talbot. There are tons of other amazing authors out there but that’s all that’s really coming to mind, I’m sure I’ll kick myself later. Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett kick ass. I loved it when they teamed up in ‘Good Omens’. I’m hoping to take a crack at writing in the GAF universe, a whole galaxy should be big enough to play in.

  1. What is the most unique aspect of your universe?

    I don’t really have a universe exactly. I have an idea of how the universe should probably work based largely off of half heard superstitions, dreams and probably last night’s meatloaf.

  1. What is your favourite part of your universe?

    Definitely last night’s meatloaf. I don’t know, I guess I resent being questioned about any aspect of my universe since I am, effectively God in it and if I have a favorite I have a least favorite and that would make me less than omnipotent and I won’t have that called into question. I’ll stick with the meatloaf answer.

  1. What do you think people will most enjoy about your universe?

    The meatloaf. It was excellent.

  2. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

    You already know that I had meatloaf last night, this is getting personal. Well, I guess I can say that one of my favorite things in life is comfortable clothes. I really like them. Big sweaters, pajama pants, you get the idea. I generally like fictional people and places better than real life ones and I enjoy being persnickity whenever I can get way with it when confronted with reality.

  3. Any words of advice of struggling writers?

    Stop struggling and let the drugs do their work… no, I’m kidding, don’t do drugs and stay in school. Seriously, just keep writing and do it because you like the result and it’s the only socially acceptable way that you can play God. I mean, you get to play at being God and you’re complaining that you want to get paid too???? You’ll be fine, just keep truckin’ and don’t listen to anything I tell you.

Dalton’s Daughter Update

Dalton’s Daughter, the Autobiography of Sasha Wheaton, is due to be released later this fall.


It’s release has been pushed back due to a variety of factors, some very good, some dreadful, some disturbing.

Check here at StarkLight Press for blog entries by its author, Virginia Stark, for her Dalton’s Daughter Saga

series- first post coming next week.

Get the whole scoop behind the tumultuous creation of the autobiography of the GAF’s most beloved first Lieutenant,

only at StarkLight Press- where the books we print are only part of the whole story.