Thanks to Our Poets!


I am pleased to announce the completion of the First Annual StarkLight Press 24 Hour Poetry Marathon!

We had ten poets take part in our day long poetry extravaganza, and are amazed by the creativity and heartfelt poetic lines that emerged.

A gigantic thank you to all our poets!

The anthology, still to be named, featuring poems from this incredible creative journey will be available later this autumn. Look for release information here!

Remarkable poems, gifted writers, amazing experience- join us next year for StarkLight Press’ 24 Hour Poetry Marathon and take part in the incredible!


– Tony Stark,

Publisher and CEO,

StarkLight Press.


In My Mind’s Eye Arrives

Here is Virginia Carraway Stark, talented author and poet, with our first poetry Anthology, “In My Mind’s Eye”, featuring poets from around the world.

This first foray into the world of poetry comes from Virginia’s online poetry group, Writing Challenge Fun, where poets and free-thinkers come together to share ideas, images and creativity together.

You can get your copy of the anthology at alone with the rest of our fine titles in ebook and print form.

Congratulations, Virginia, and thanks for all your positivity and support of this anthology!

inmymindseye pic.jpg