Outermost Journal Makes Its Debut!

It’s here… the first issue of StarkLight Press’ paranormal investigative magazine, Outermost.

In this issue, you can find an interview with an alien abductee, advice on spiritual protection for the paranormal investigator, our monthly UFO Report, the paranormal connection to historic sites and more!

Each issue is a well balanced blend of nonfiction articles and fascinating short stories and poems.

You can pick up your issue here:


Outermost: A Journal of the Paranormal is now accepting submissions for our departments, as well as articles of note.

We are also accepting short fiction and poetry with a paranormal twist.

If you know someone involved with the paranormal as an investigator, psychic, scholar or experiencer, you can suggest them for an interview as well

Contact us at outermostsubmissions@gmail.com


– Tony Stark,

Publisher and CEO,

StarkLight Press.

In My Mind’s Eye- A Poetry Anthology


Here’s the fetching front cover to the first poetry anthology from StarkLight Press!

Inside, you can find beautiful poetry by participants in the online 24 hr. Poetry Marathon and top-notch writers from around the world. Featuring the fruits of more than a year’s poetic efforts, this beautiful anthology will be available the end of October, 2015.

Authors include:

Doris Ray (British Columbia historian)

Laura Callender (President, CW Press)

Monica McCawley

Liane Carter

Virginia Carraway Stark

Jason Pere

Meg Dunn

Jenn Spaulding

Jen M. Duell

Tony Stark

and more!

Check back at starklightpress.com for pre-order links for ebook and print versions!

Tony Stark,

President and CEO,

StarkLight Press.

Please Stand By

Look for our upcoming series of video Interviews with StarkLight Anthology winners starting later this week, where we will be featuring our winners from StarkLight 3 including Jen M. Duell, Van Fleming, John J. Higgins and more!