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Tales from Space Volume 1

The first Galactic Armed Forces short story anthology is here! Ripped from the most searched Galactic News headlines, Tales from Space includes stories certain to satisfy the appetite of even the most backstory-hungry GAF fans. Explore the past adventures of Verily Wrought, billionaire and Captain of the GAF’s prestigious (and infamous) Detach Detachment, his first Lieutenant Sasha Wheaton and other favorite characters from the GAF novels and webseries. Included within are the long-awaited exposes of: – heiress Annanth Halvorsson’s transformation from wallflower genius to media darling – the story behind platinum selling pop star Dom Donovan’s onstage collapse during the infamous “Vampire plague” – the creation of Buxbie’s Better Bees – Verily Wrought’s escape from kidnappers in the Gamma Quadrant- the first appearance of Esser the intrepid Gendler and the infamous Legend of the Blackstone Maenad! Tales from Space- all the true stories behind today’s galactic headlines!

Included within the second edition are a foreword and prologue written by Virginia Carraway outlining the Universe So Far and her personal journey with the GAF.

6″x9″ Paperback, 300 pages black and white.

Color cover featuring artwork by Anthony Stark.

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