StarkLight Books are on their way!

StarkLight Press has suffered some minor delays in the past fortnight that have put back the release of our titles, Tales from Space Vol. 1, Dalton’s Daughter and StarkLight Vol. 1.

These delays included, but were not limited to-

– roof collapse at printing warehouse

– delays in receiving paper due to bad weatherblizzard

– delays in receiving inks due to same

– return of Gollum-like nuisance characteranniewilkesgollum1


and, on a more positive note

a move to bigger office space!office

Yes, that’s right- you’ve kept StarkLight Press so hoppin’ that we’ve had to move our operations to larger facilities, where warehousing of our published works, merchandise inventories and graphic design workshops all have more room to breathe.  We will be completing our office move at the beginning of the week, and we will show you some stills from our office party, to which all StarkLight fans are welcome to attend- see our facebook event link here.


It’s been a crazy end of March, but our titles are steamrolling ahead at full speed once more.

Take heart- there will be even more first rate science fiction and graphic novel material for the superlative reader coming soon!

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