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Democracy!! Now!!

In book cover form, that is.
Introducing StarkLight Press’ first ever fan-sponsored book cover!

To celebrate our recent new additions on facebook and the blogosphere, we are letting fans of our press vote for which ominously evocativ picture of Katrina Calvera to use for the cover of our third anthology.

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Hop over to this link on facebook, peruse the pics and vote like this:
– tell us your favorite by number in the album
– post the picture of your choice on our timeline or on our album’s thread

Let us know your favorite!

Here’s an added bonus:
The winners will get a mention on the inside cover of our book as Graphic Design Consultants!

Yes, that’s right. Muster up supporters from amongst your facebook friends, get them to vote as you vote, and you can win the coveted title of Graphic Design Consultant for StarkLight Press!

Lobbying, filibustering, bribery… this vote has EVERYTHING!

So tell your friends and vote  today!

Our contest closes Sept 30 at the creeeepy hour of midnight PST.

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