May 8, 2021

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StarkLight Press Interviews Robert Marquiss

In our latest interview, Virginia Carraway Stark speaks with L.A. Producer and director Robert Marquiss about his work and stories.

1. What was the first thing that you remember writing?
It was about vampires and I was very young. I used to say it like I was in a vampire movie. It went something like this: “When I grow up I want to be a vampire. I want to live forever and get even with everyone. I want to have a foul breath that reeks of dead earth, corpses and sweet coffins. I want to be all cold, and have rotten flesh and stolen blood in my veins. I want to sink my terrible white teeth in the victims’ necks. I want them to slide like razors into the flesh and into the victims’ pulsing veins. This is what I want to be.” Of course my parents weren’t very happy with it. They made me sleep on the back porch for a few nights with the doors locked.

2. What is your main inspiration to write?
Adventure, Love, Romance, holding a woman close and making her yearn for more. I just love being one of the people in my books.

3. What is your story for Starklight press about?
One of them is about a boy who, in a storm, is in ship wreck and ends up on a beach on an uncharted Island. There, he discovers wild creatures beyond his wildest dreams and a sorcer who thinks he’s part of a prophecy to free a Princess.

4. Why did you choose this story/genre?
I love Fantasy, adventure and creating new characters.

5. What advice do you have for aspiring authors?
Write, write some more, and keep writing and listen to what Steven King has to say in his lecture. He hit the nail on the head.

6. What are some of your other hobbies?
You name it I have pretty much done it except for bungie jumping. Jumping from 3000 feet and higher is a little more exciting to me.

7. How do your hobbies infiltrate your writing?
They enable me to really know what I am talking about in a story when I use them as a tool.

8. How has your own past influenced your writing?
My past experiences have given a vast amount of data to work with and to pull ideas from. Example:
There’s a race. The contenders look at each other. One thinks, “Does he have a four barrel carb or trips under that hood?” The other thinks, “God I hope he doesn’t have nitro. I know he has a 4-11 positraction rear end.”

9. Any final thoughts?
Only communicate to to those who can understand your ability as a writer. And target becoming a master of your craft. Also, let’s say your book gets turned into a screen play and you find they have changed some of your great scenes into something you don’t like. Take the money, get a couple of girls, go to the beach and have a martini. That works for me.

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