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Winners of Launch Party Announced!

April 2, 2016 was a rollicking good time on Heather Bentley’s launch site for her new romance novel, Her Last Love. She kindly invited StarkLight Press to host an hour of games, good conversation, chatter and prizes.

Virginia Carraway Stark and Krista Michelle rocked the online party games with identifying obscure photos, naming the quote and everyone’s favorite- headless celebrities!

Our thanks go out to our boisterously quippy crew of authors and editors who came to celebrate Heather’s latest book.

Here are the winners of our many contests: (The fabulous array of prizes is just another reason to tune in to StarkLight Press’ launch party phenomena!)


WHAT THE EXPLETIVE IS THAT?? (A Guess the Object game)

Jennifer Siddens- E-book

 Necia N. Campbell. E-book

 Chris Musgrave. E-book

 Necia N. Campbell. E-book

Aubin Maestas. E-book

Van Fleming- StarkLight Book

Heather Carden Bentley- StarkLight Book


Henry Ford correctly guessed by  Nancy Gold Alfred. E-book

General Patton correctly guessed by  Aubin Maestas. E-book

Isaac Asimov correctly guessed by Laney Smith. E-book

Winston Churchill correctly guessed by  Nancy Gold Alfred. E-book.


We had ten celebrity photos with heads accidentally removed :-p and our

party goers had to correctly guess who was who. Without a list of possibilities,

Liz Butcher guessed ten for ten! An amazing display of Celebrity knowhow- worthy of a GAGA citizen 😉

Liz Butcher is the winner and proud recipient of a StarkLight Press t-shirt and physical StarkLight Book!

Jenn Spaulding gets a  StarkLight Press E-Book for being the runner up in our guess the headless celeb contest.

Thanks to all of the people who dropped by Heather Bentley’s book launch!

 – Tony Stark,

Publisher and CEO

StarkLight Press


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