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The Red Tower of Memory

Virginia Carraway Stark

Here I sit where I sat before

A princess then,

A queen now

In a tower of red,

like the blood I’ve seen shed

The blood that’s used to cover lies and crimes

Red like the fire that burned the evidence.

Here I sit where I sat before

A Queen where once

A Princess was

The Tower is made

Of the blood of the sacrifices

The tower is my heart pulled out by my own hands

To try to stop the pain of the losses of my life

Here I stand, where once I sat before

The Goddess where

Once I was a Queen

Where once a little girl

made wishes on dandelion clocks

and watched feathers blow in the wind

Here I fly, where once I stood

The Judgement of all

that went before

I claim this tower as mine by all that I have earned

By all that I have seen and risen over

This place is mine

This tower is built

From my blood and my love

Black, White, Yellow and Red

The others aren’t mine

Although I lived in Black

And felt the shadow of White

When Yellow is claimed

And we all take hands

our unique crown of towers

Will be ready to wear

with one thing in common

The fields of blood at their base

The land of death at their center

Saturn’s place of no mercy

Where the wolf is ever at the door

Every minute of every day

And at winter the wolves tear

Your heart with their freeze

Black shadows loom

Babies die Saturn alone

Is the king of that place

No more is my home

In the land of The King of Death

Instead I claim the tower of my own pain

I made it out of a moment in time when

A feather floated in the breeze and I woke up

I said, “I don’t want to lose this moment’

And realized that I have memory

You’re welcome to come see my tower

I can’t promise anything for your safety

Many have died and many more have gone mad

at the red tower of my pulsating bleeding heart

You’ll leave one day, only the other towers are forever

and when you leave, stricken, bereft, mad with what you have seen

You’ll blame me because

I am the Queen of Hearts and I’ve stolen yours

With a look, a smile or a cutting remark

I used to feel sorry for the ranks of broken humans that fled

But now I fell nothing except a full ripeness

You are my guest here, I can do as I please

Welcome to my Tower

The Tower of Blood Red Memory .

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