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StarkLight Press goes to VCON 39


Look out Surrey, BC- amidst all the sci fi costumery and general geekful mirth will be purveyor of the Best speculative fiction in North America.

That’s right, StarkLight Press will be roaming around VCON 39 with copies of our short story compendiums and GAF books. We will also be offering some of the coolest merchandise out there featuring our striking book covers on everything from hydraulic oxygen receptacles to away mission organizers.

Tonight our author Virginia Stark will be gracing the stage at the VCON book launch as she reads an excerpt from Dalton’s Daughter and a second selection as well.


Keep an eye out for Virginia and see if you can get an invite to StarkLight Press’s elite VIP reading room and boutique. It is a truly unique luxury presentation suite and the firstĀ  of its kind for VCON. No mere tables for StarkLight Press, we are happy to offer the enterprising GAF fans, prospective authors and fellow publishers a relaxed and comfortable atmos in which to look at our books, videos and other wares. Sip some fine wine and read Tales from Space, or peruse through our growing title catalog and enjoy some gourmet comestibles.

So, for everyone at VCON, Enjoy the weekend, and enjoy StarkLight Press and its ready room of literary luxury!

Check in at our blog to see pictures, video interviews and more from VCON 39, as well as information on our next fantabulous appearance at a con near you.

– Tony Stark.