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Introducing the Phraser Connector

StarkLight Press is proud to present online the long-standing local newsmagazine, The Phraser Connector.

As part of our commitment to sharing local author voices with the wider world, StarkLight Press is making available the Connector to online audiences all over the world.

The Phraser Connector is the brainchild of author Elaine Storrey, local humanitarian and arts patron in Fraser Lake, British Columbia. This paper collects the best of the area’s public events, local interest stories and cottage industry offerings. In addition, The Phraser Connector has regular columns from the pens of local authors about life in the wilds of northwest British Columbia.

Each new edition will be available for ebook readers and computers as it is sent to local mailboxes.

In addition, StarkLight Press will soon have all archived editions available through Scribd, the amazing periodical respository.  Our thanks to Elaine Storrey for making these available to the public!

Be sure to check out the fun events and local color from this region on your kindle, iphone or computer today!

– Tony Stark,

Publisher and CEO,

StarkLight Press.

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