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Kevin Grover Plays on Words and with Hearts



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  1. Do you have a real life horror story of love gone wrong in your life?

As a horror writer, I try and keep my love and horror separate. Sometimes I get that the wrong way around with amusing consequences…

  1. What do you find makes the combination of love and horror such a potent combination

The main elements of a good story explore as many human emotions as possible. It’s an old combination. In Romeo and Juliet there’s love and death. Maybe our greatest fears are losing the ones we love? So I guess you can really appeal to the deeper levels of fear that everyone has.

  1. What was the source of your inspiration for your Valentines Day horror story?

All I could think of was that old saying, he loves me, he loves me not. I then played around with that and decided to add a k in front of the not. It gave me a love me knot which then made me think about hanging ropes and the image popped into my head of ropes swinging on a hangman’s tree, but where’s the bodies? And what if Valentines day was a reminder to someone that they’re not loved?

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