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Carnival Fun

Carnival Fun


Virna Grant accompanies her brother Dom to a derelict carnival on Long Island in an attempt to escape the confines of her gilded cage. In the process, Virna unleashes a great wave of supernatural power and ability that threatens to engulf her and destroy the comfortable life she has made.

The Carnival Fun series is a modern, supernatural thriller-horror collection of books that describe the workings of the Grand Machinery that orders the universe… and that which lies outside it. Each book features the story of another iconic individual who rises from their human beginnings to encompass a great power and hideously intense responsibility.

Look for Virna Grant’s story to be released this summer by StarkLight Press… and you can find her sister Julia’s tale of madness, international espionage and illumination here:

Here is Virginia Carraway Stark reading an excerpt from her work, Carnival Fun: Red Queen Takes Red Rook:

This fascinating, enthralling series was originally a live action play performed in Vancouver and Seattle to rave reviews in 2013. Two short live action movies were made based on Virna Grant’s adventures from the book, and are available here:

You can find Carnival Fun’s Facebook page here, where you can get updates on the latest Carnival Fun news and merchandise:

Pick up your copy of Virna’s story starting July 15, 2016, at the StarkLight Press Bookstore:

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Or plunge into Virna’s sister, Julia’s encounter with the Grand Machinery that surrounds Carnival Fun:

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