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The End of the World


The End of The World

By Virginia Carraway Stark

I woke up at the end of the world

where the ocean meets the land

and we long ago forfeit

our dominion

Lying on soft green grass

with giant bell shaped flowers

On the greenest bowers I had ever seen

Dangling overhead

So tangible I could hear

The faint ringing of the flower bells

In a realm not far away

Blood stained my thighs

My baby had been torn from me

An old crone held what had been mine

And before I could rise

Or utter more than a scream

She dashed my child into the sea.

So distraught

I ran to the edge of the cliffs

where I could the rocks below

my child dead and smashed

a child I would never know

while the mad hag cackled at my loss

and vanished like a wind

I went to throw myself over the edge

and follow the child

I had never known to a fate the same

An arm grabbed my shoulder

And stopped me

Even as I felt the slippery grass


And little pebbles sprinkle down

On the little body below

Whales swam and the bells

From another realm

Cried out in tinkling voices

The death of one of mine

And I wept

My hands and thighs covered in blood

An obelisk stood to mark the spot

Labeled “The End of The World”

And my love kept me from plunging down

All the world was in mourning

Except for the warmth of the sun

on my bare shoulders

And the waves of the ocean

And my own heart beating

And the arms of my love

The red sand of the island

Mingled with the red blood of my hands

And I cried for another loss

One that I had never even known I had had.

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