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StarkLight Press Safer Pedestrian Initiative

Keeping those who walk on urban streets safe is an important issue for those of us at StarkLight Press.

This high visibility tape display is available at 7-11 on 8th St. in Dawson Creek.

Following our editor-in-chief’s pedestrian vs. taxicab throwdown last July, we have taken a local step in Dawson Creek, B.C. to try to make sure that sort of traffic accident doesn’t happen to anyone else.

We have donated sticky reflective tape strips (and safety pins, if one doesn’t favor attaching it with adhesive to their clothing) to local businesses that are open late and all night. As much as we’d like to StarkLight Press cannot hold the drivers who cause mayhem on city streets accountable… but we can try to keep pedestrians safer through visibility.

While we thoroughly recommend that everyone carry a high-visibility safety vest to use when they walk, or at least wrist and ankle cuffs, we realize that is not practical in every situation. Life happens, and sometimes one finds oneself on foot.  We can therefore try to raise awareness of the need for pedestrians to be visible, and to try to minimize further accidents.

This awareness cuts both ways, however. Virginia Carraway Stark, in addition to being in a lit crosswalk, was wearing high visibility elements on her clothing, and still was struck. No high-vis sticker or vest will protect anyone, if drivers fail to use their vehicles with respect and consideration for those around them. StarkLight Press can only hope that, in addition to making pedestrian visibility a bit brighter, the displays will also make drivers think and act with more responsibility.

If you see a dangerous driver, or have a close call yourself, please report their license number and vehicle to the RCMP. We can only hope that enforcement of such infractions can increase, and that pedestrians- and drivers- will be safe this winter season.

StarkLight Press encourages everyone to copy and paste this reflective tape initiative in their own communities. Tape is available at Canadian Tire and Wal-Mart, as well as on at links like these:

Pedestrian safety is an issue across the globe, not just in our little neck of the woods in Northern B.C. If you live in an area of high, dangerous traffic and pedestrian danger, please feel free to make a display of your own in this style! If it can save one life, make one driver more cautious, it’s worth it.

– Tony Stark,

Publisher and CEO,

StarkLight Press.