July 27, 2021

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Short Story Contest 2020


Exclusive Writing Contest: Location Specific!

StarkLight Press and the Enderby Chamber of Commerce are happy to present, “The River Lands”

Started in honour of poetry month, it was expanded with requests for short stories and other types of creative submissions including pen and ink and other black white or greyscale art.

There are no word count minimums for poetry. Short stories must be under 15,000 words. There is no payment for poetry, you will get a free digital copy. Short stories are paid $10 and must be a minimum of 5000 words to qualify as a short story.

You retain the rights to your work. We are looking for original pieces that haven’t been published before. This includes online publication. We ask that your work not be submitted elsewhere when it is submitted for this anthology. Multiple submissions are okay and will be considered. After publication you must wait six months before republication of your work. Small excerpts for promotion are encouraged. If you submit a short story we do not retain rights to your world or characters in perpetuity, before, after and during publication.

You will not be paid for copies of the anthology sold, nor necessarily alerted to the number of sales. Winners of the contest will be alerted by email and announced on the Chamber of Commerce website as well as on StarkLight Press.

The cut off date has been moved to July 2 2020 as many local writers were hampered by Covid-19 and asked for more time. We have had a lot of National and International interest in this contest, because of this, we ask that you send in a bio of under 100 words with you connection to Enderby, BC, Canada. Preference is given to residence of Enderby. If you wish to publish under a pen name, please let us know your legal name but you can be published under your pen name and announced under it as well.

If you do not have a connection to Enderby, please do not fabricate one.

If you would like to tell a story about one of the ‘other’ Enderbies, as we have received several submissions for, these will be considered as well for the, ‘Society of Enderbies’ section. This section was generated after the original announcement of the anthology in response to people misunderstanding what the anthology is about. Because we do want to create an interest in the history of the name Enderby, these have been added to the list of considerations.

Submissions can be sent to:


cc enderbywritingsociety@gmail.com

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