A Letter to Canada’s New Prime Minister


StarkLight Press would like to congratulate Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada on their success in our Federal Election. The change in guard instigated by yesterday’s results brings forth reflections on what it is to be a leader of Canada and what our nation requires at this pivotal point in its history. As such, I have organized my thoughts into a letter for our next PM, with what humble advisements I would wish him to hear.


Mr. Trudeau,

The running of a nation is a delicate and sensitive procedure. Its closest analogy would seem to me to be the raising of a child. It is often chaotic, utterly exhausting and one of the most rewarding pursuits given us.

When raising a child, there are moments as a parent when the world seems to contract and its edges crispen. There is only you and your child, who soaks up every word, every movement, every nuance you provide- or don’t provide- for their development.

At such times, a parent must acknowledge with humility that they have been given the incredible right to form another being’s nature… and thus affect the entirety of the future.

Inside these moments, a parent knows he must tread carefully, speak gently, do less, allow the child to provide the parameters. The parent then deftly provides the answers, security and situations for the child to succeed on their own. Be it coming to new comprehension, accomplishing a new task or deciding for themselves what comes next, these moments are the delicate ones that form the child’s being for the rest of its life.

It seems to me that the running of a nation such as Canada is a series of these quiet, intimate, formative moments. We are less the brash and bombastic child, less the child who needs a firm hand and more the child who has a quick mind and wisdom beyond its years.

Perhaps it is because Canada is still a young country, formed in an age when humanity was finally outgrowing the simple, brash signifiers of the toddler. We were forged as humanity began to understand itself as an aware being in a complex and gigantic world.

Perhaps it is because we as a nation are retiring, self-sufficient, competent souls who enjoy being in Canada more than we enjoy doing in, or at, Canada. In either case, we are very similar to that quiet, thoughtful, ever-growing, ever-maturing child.

The majority of we Canadians are too smart to be mindlessly swept up in the bold headlines and shock reporting that sways the hearts of citizens elsewhere in the world. We are aware and capable of coming to complex decisions under our own power. We do not require the stern discipline of House Rules for its own sake, or the bluster of threat and coercion.

Which brings us back to those delicate moments in parenting when one realizes that their child is no longer strictly in need of boundaries and protection, but is a being in its own right who can discuss matters and come to reasonable conclusions. It is a difficult time for a parent. The urge to bluster through with authoritarism is still close at hand. It is an attractive proposition not just because it is easier than accomodating- it also in theory protects the child more than allowing them to make their own decisions. It is a difficult time for a parent because, by including the child’s views into family decisions, the parent must admit that their child is a being separate from themselves.

From what we have seen on the world stage in recent years, it is an easy mistake for leaders to make, this refusal of the fact their peoples are beings with wishes and desires separate from those in power. In many cases, those wishes are not so very different from the way the leaders would run things, if they could. In some cases, the differences are staggering. Accepting this individuality is the hardest part of good parenting. It would seem to be the most elusive quality in running a country, as well.

I think it would be one of the most challenging purusits, running a nation.

The role of Head of State contains within itself a grand array of those most delicate, most humbling aspects of parenting. A parent must only make a few hard choices for their child, yet for a nation hard decisions are frequent and their consequences massive. Running a nation also impacts the world stage in ways that stagger the sensibilities of the common man. Certainly, these qualities inherent in running nations are rivalled only by the intense potential that is molded by the parent of a growing child.

I would ask, therefore, Mr. Trudeau, that you treat this nation as you would your own child.

Remember where you came from, the good and the bad of your parents and grandparents. Be ever conscious of this and try to instill the best of your family line into your nation. Be unafraid to acknowledge the shadows in the past, for being honest with your children about those dark spots can lead to the greatest growth and understanding.

Remember, especially as the bluster and tumult of the world political stage begins to buffet you, that your nation is an entity of its own, separate from you and separate from the others. It is a nation of well-considered, remarkably mature thinkers who value the harmony of the family and the harmony of the nation before blind wealth or military might. Value your nation’s individuality in the face of those who would want it to look more like themselves, and less like Canada.

Remember most of all, that as a nation, we stood up in great numbers to quietly and respectfully ask for a brighter future. A nation that will do that without violence, without strife, without hyperbole, is that child of uncommon maturity. If there is a difficult decision, if there is a sudden setback, have the humility and trust to speak to us, knowing we have the awareness to calmly and earnestly speak back.

These steps you take now are formidable. You have much to overcome, much to prove and much to accomplish. Every parent does.

Know that you do not take these steps alone. We take them with you, little by little, ginger and watchful, each of us hoping the other will rise to the occasion and allow the blossoming of something great, together.


Tony Stark,

President and CEO,

StarkLight Press.

StarkLight Press Mission Statement

I would like to offer a warm welcome to all of our new blog followers, Facebook fans and superlative fiction aficionados.


Welcome to StarkLight Press- the Center of the Media Galaxy!


What does our awesome tagline mean, exactly? Well you should ask.

At StarkLight Press, we believe in two things above all else- the Imagination and the Power of Story.

We believe that the Imagination is truly the seat of everything great in the human psyche. Without its fire in the crucible of our minds, we would not be able to rise above our misfortunes, our limitations, and our pain. It allows us not only the ability to develop innovations in our lives in terms of concrete reality, but it is an integral first step in raising the tones of our hearts and minds. Without imagination to provide us with windows into There, we would never be able to soothe our spirits so heavy with the troubles of Here.


To that end, StarkLight Press fosters an Immersive Fiction Experience, with credibly fantastic worldscapes, characters and action that gives the mind a playground for the Imagination, with plenty of tire swings and monkeybars for all.

We believe in not just casting a light on other realms, worlds and dimensions, but illuminating them as fully as hearsaid experience might convey, so that the reader has fodder for their imagination long after they put down one of our books.

By stoking the fires of the imagination with such vibrant and intricate worlds, StarkLight Press provides you, the reader, with an escape that will lift your spirit throughout your day, and inspire you to look at your own familiar worldscape with a fresh perspective. A fresh perspective that maybe will make your own worldscape a little bit more awesome.  This freshness of subject matter is the key to releasing all the positivity the human imagination can produce.  We hope at StarkLight Press to inspire this world to blossom with ideas and purpose beyond the limits set for it, and us, by those who lack imagination entirely.

The Power of Story is the cordwood by which the fires of the imagination nurture both our hearts and our future.  By telling fascinating, credible and, well, amazing stories, StarkLight Press aims to remind the reader that the Universe is in fact at least as amazing as those childhood fancies entertained, and that they can exist in the adult realm as well by providing our grown minds with the added intricacies, information and plot that are required to stoke the fires of a more developed reader.


We’ve heard the wistful wishes of fans from all over, that they only wish they had MORE of a story, or knew MORE about a certain aspect of this, or that. More… and better. Stories that don’t deliberately fall flat for mass consumption. Characters that are pale versions of what they should be to sell… whatever. Worlds that are REAL, not just slapped together with the spit and baling twine of a dozen writers scanning fan commentary after every new installment comes to the public trough.


StarkLight Press believes that its readers are canny, cognitive and reject the mass-media spoon with its conventions full of mushy and indistinct snippets of story.

We know you can handle it.

That’s why we make certain our fiction serves only two masters- Imagination, and the Power of Story.  If it doesn’t come to mind to speed your morning commute, we won’t publish it. If you don’t find yourself bringing it up at the dinner table the next week, it’s not yet good enough. If it doesn’t make your eyes widen with the delight of your starving inner child who is finally able to satiate its grown up mind on fiction that not only soothes but satisfies- you sure won’t find it here.

That’s what we’re all about, which is why our GAF Universe has been a cult favorite amongst the brightest and most creative folks out there.

That’s why our StarkLight Anthologies are so popular, filled to the brim with new authors armed with new, exciting tales.

That’s why our non-fiction imprint, Arras Books, is ground-breaking, because it re-introduces the mundane world to the reader by adding the truth behind the dusty history.


That’s why we keep our universes living, and infinite, not vague past histories of dreams once dreamed, now dead.

Our stories are the future- they have tales to be told, and worlds to be explored.

Most importantly, they have things they are willing to share with each of us, here and now, today.

-Tony Stark,

Publisher and CEO, StarkLight Press.