Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff- an Excerpt

Here is an excerpt from Virginia Carraway Stark’s comprehensive series on the histories of the Gods and Goddesses, as read by the author on YouTube.

This particular excerpt is from the story of Jinx, a beautiful and enigmatically transparent goddess with whom most of us are familiar… though many would not know it 😉



These stories are set to be published by StarkLight Press in 2015. Check back with for more video updates, written excerpts, pictures and more content from these fascinating tales of the universes in their nutshells and beyond.


-Tony Stark,

Publisher and CEO, StarkLight Press.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff- an Excerpt

  1. I am from placerville California and i have a great imagination and put it in stories my first story was when I was in middle school 2012 now I am in high school and writing a story.the story is “the legend of stormo the Angel wolf boy.”thank you hope you will let me tell you about it its from real life but in hero form. Thank u have a great day

    • Hi Erin,
      It sounds like an evocative story- if you are serious about learning more about its metaphysical veracity you’ll have to send us a snippet. Just add copyright You and the first year you wrote it and it will be safe 🙂 you can send it to

      We would also be curious to know what led you to our excerpt, and what about it inspired you to drop us a line.
      Congratulations on your inspired early creativity! Keep writing- these are ideas that can stay with you your entire life 🙂
      – Tony Stark.

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