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StarkLight Press Interviews Van Fleming

1. What was the first thing that you remember writing?
The first thing I remember writing is actually a story that takes place after this one where Markus is a major support character.
2. What is your main inspiration to write?
Imagination. Seeing something in real life and spinning it on it’s head.  Change the setting, or style or even the time frame and see what happens. Even a line from a song can give the spark to start a fire and turn into a full blown idea.
3. What is your story for StarkLight press about?
Markus is a mercenary in a war against an ancient evil. Wolves shaped with magic and given intelligence. A weapon for a war long past that has become the bane of modern times. This story leads up, telling how he rose to the lofty position we find him in in a later story.
4. Why did you choose this story/genre?
Since I was a child (my wife would say I still am) I have always found swords and magic more interesting than the wild west or a galaxy far far away. What would it be like to ride on a dragon? What is the cost to wield the great powers of magic? Can a small group of people truly be the catalyst that changes a generation?
5. What advise do you have for aspiring authors?
Day dream, fantasize, set no limits. The stories you write come from the imagination, and that is fueled by an open and eager mind. And never let anyone tell you it’s not good enough. Only you can say that.
6. What are some of your other hobbies?
Clogging, Line Dance and Gaming as well as the occasional anime with my teenage daughter.
7. How do your hobbies infiltrate your writing?
A few names and descriptions have come from characters of my friends, with their permission of course.
8. How has your own past influenced your writing?
Some of the sword fights in my stories have been inspired by my early martial arts training, and many of my values can be seen in the main characters. A respect for life, a need to help others and the need to do the right thing, no matter what.
9. Any final thoughts?
I appreciate the opportunity you guys gave me to get my story out there and to also spread my wings into a little science Fiction in the GAF Universe.
Van Fleming is a Texas author who is one of the winners of StarkLight Press’ Third Short Story Contest, as well as an upcoming inductee to GAF Mainframe writers’ circle.
– Virginia Carraway Stark,
StarkLight Press.
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