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The Irregulars 2.0 Nears Completion

As the much-awaited sequel to the wildly popular StarkLight Press novel, The Irregulars, approaches its completion, it’s time for a choice

quote from the opaque antagonist of this volume, Cameron Grey. Working for one of Colorado’s leading biotech companies, Grey’s motives

are as ill-defined as his surname, and equally hard to grasp as the combination of black an white the color grey represents. Who better, then, to

make the following observation about a character in our sequel who feels he can blithely use infernal brotherhood connections even as he

purports to decry them:

“If you’re going to start a blackballing against a fellow on account of another gent’s masonic handshake, ye best be sure he who shook the hand is in good standing with the lodge.”

-Cameron Grey, “The Irregulars 2.0”


Be sure to reserve your advance copy of The Irregulars 2.0 at to find out how our intrepid street kids have survived on the mean streets of Denver, even as the military, the pharmaceutical

industry and other adversaries set their sights upon them. Follow the intrigue, the counter-measures and the struggles of Cadence Colton, Jessa and new characters, good, evil, grey and in the dark!


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