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Our First VCON Scrapbook

October 3 dawned bright and clear, and Virginia Carraway Stark started her journey to Surrey, B.C. to attend VCON 39. It’s theme was Military Might,

a fitting one for the Galactic Armed Forces universe, StarkLight Press’s flagship franchise. Armed with copies of all three of our new books, ebook links and

more merchandise than one little redhead could cart around on her own, our intrepid author and on scene reporter made her way through terrain right out of

Middle Earth and to the pseudo-futuristic world of the Lower Mainland.


pine pass summit

Here is the innocuous sign marking the summit of the dangerous Pine Pass, whose beautiful mountains and imposing vistas are worthy of the Hithaeglir (Misty Mountains). The Pine Pass is one of the most formidable mountain journeys north of the 54.


pine passmts


Here is the Adams River near Kamloops, all decked out in autumn colors.





Here’s Hope, B.C. and our illustrious roving reporter Virginia


Here’s Tadder, the StarkLight Press-mobile, in his cozy parking spot at the Sandman Inn and Suites:photo(14)


This is the view from the hotel, wherein one can see the Sheraton Guildford Hotel, home of VCON 39 (StarkLight Press decided to retire to minimum safe distance from the Con, lest its off the hook energies overwhelm).

photo 3

Part one- arrival at VCON 39, complete! Stay tuned for part Two…

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