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Words from the River Lands Amended Release Date

Due to an unfortunate failure on the part of a local organization to provide agreed-upon funding support, the

Words from the River Lands anthology has been delayed, and its prize structure altered.

While it was intended for the Enderby & District Chamber of Commerce to provide funds to allow local organizations

such as the Community Resource Center, Okanagan Regional Library and others to sell the books at a reduced price

and also receive proceeds, this plan has not come to fruition as of September 15. Therefore, StarkLight Press has

decided to publish the books and provide them, at cost, for all readers until July 2, 2021!


In addition, the intrepid team at StarkLight Press has changed the prize structure … for the better.

Poets who have won the contest to date will receive a $5 gift card voucher as well as a digital copy

of the work, rather than a digital copy alone. Authors who penned short stories still receive the $10

voucher and a digital copy.


At StarkLight Press, we believe in the integrity of intellectual property (your content can be re-published as you like,

just give us a mention that we were lucky enough to publish it first!); we believe in remunerating all artists, no matter

their literary medium, to the best of our ability; we believe in prompt publishing whenever possible, and will continue

to seek out new partners in our communities… but maintain a stricter dedication to the ideals evinced above.

Our commitment to our authors, and to you, our readers, continues with renewed determination.


Should your group or organization like to purchase a block of books for fundraising purposes to help realize the vision

outlined in our original short story concept, contact us at

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