May 8, 2021

StarkLight Press

The Center of the Media Galaxy

StarkLight Press attends National Conference

As part of the ongoing commitment to ethical, inclusive and effective digital media presentation, StarkLight Press has reserved

seats at the Canadian Digital Citizens’ Conference, this year happening virtually. This month-long set of webinars, seminars and

networking allows policy makers, international delegates, stakeholders in the digital media, information systems, data science and

security fields to connect, share ideas and ensure the digital arena is safe and open to all.

StarkLight Press will be attending with a delegation promoting and advocating for small presses, Canadian authors, artists and content creators,

with an emphasis on the importance of making a safe – but non-censored or muzzled – space for diverse voices in culture, race, creed, gender identity

and more. We hope to discuss our our journey and those of our authors and partner presses in helping to shape truly grass-roots Canadian culture from

the ground up – and what lawmakers can do in the future to help support our diverse, independent voices on the world stage.


Look for upcoming updates throughout March and into April about SLP’s involvement in and policy advocacy in these areas and what we have helped to shape for 2021 and beyond!

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