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A Celebration of Contract


In light of the recent contractual “flexibility” displayed by DeAndre Jordan of the L.A. Clippers, I feel it an appropriate time to say a word about the plight of the publisher in this regard.

StarkLight Press was founded on the ideal of Collaborative media- multiple authors writing respectfully about a given universe, honoring its creative intricacies and its principles. We have therefore given very free rein to our authors, especially in our StarkLight Anthologies. We welcome authors with diverse and original worldscapes to submit works to us so that their unique worlds may have a first audience in print publication.

The great majority of our contributors have been exemplary with regard to our contracts. Helpful, ready to share interviews and video interviews, happy to share links to their sites, associated media and graphics, etc. We are happy to promote these on in the hopes that creativity will breed creativity, and we may all enjoy more great stories from more authors as a result.

It is therefore frustrating to find an author who fails to live up to this ideal, especially once a formal contract has been signed and not insubstantial funds put to promotional materials, not just of anthologies, but of their own worlds as well. The idea of reneging on contracts, either verbal ones like Jordan made last Friday, or heaven forbid, on written, signed and sealed ones, is an abhorrent one to the world of business. It is also a source of great shame, as it leaves all associated parties in a tangled mess of delay, extra expense and red tape.

It is for reasons such as this that StarkLight 3 has been delayed in print version. I would like to express my sincerest apologies to not just the plucky contributors who have been waiting patiently so that friends, family and fans may buy copies, but also to the many fans of StarkLight Press Anthologies.

The issues have been handled and forwarded to appropriate channels, and the print version of our third anthology will be out soon.

I am also pleased to announce that, in spite of one bad experience, StarkLight Press is still proud to provide a supportive and welcoming platform to authors of fantasy and science fiction worldscapes- no lengthy contracts, no strings attached, not even after this recent and first imbroglio for our organization. We still offer a springboard for new authors and undiscovered creators to increase their exposure and share their worlds, and we always will.

We thank our many authors who have made it so easy for us to shake off a DeAndre Jordan of an affair, and we thank all our fans for their patience.

Tune in here later this week for the release date for StarkLight 3 in print, and for StarkLight 4’s release in ebook.

July is loaded with release dates, in fact, including the release of the first Galactic Armed Forces adventure, An Incident in El Noor, and the complete second novel from Virginia Carraway Stark, Carnival Fun.

-Tony Stark,

Publisher and CEO,

StarkLight Press.